On this week's radio show.. Happy Canada Day! Celebrate with Hat Trick wines launching June 26th at the LCBO.

Talk about quintessentially Canadian,Hockey Is Canada after all! We connect our  love of  the sport with our love of wine! NHL Star Mark Napier ...

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On Canada Day enjoy Collingwood Whisky with a post-blending maple mellowing process.. how Canadian is that?

  From a white spirit now to a brown spirit and back to our neck of the woods right here in Ontario, to Collingwood cottage country and ...

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Happy Canada Day! Scottish Ale and Lamb Burgers a perfect match!

   We’ll top off the show as promised chatting about  another one of our Canadian favorites, a must have for any Canada Day celebration, a ...

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Celebrate Canada Day with a Caesar made with Iceberg Vodka!

  To our most easterly province now, the island of Newfoundland and to a white spirit that has people crazy enough to harvest icebergs to ...

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What will be on the grill and on your plate for your Canada Day celebration? Why not BBQ on Himalayan salt stones for fab flavor,ease and great style.

Salt Stone Grilled Collingwood Whisky and Maple Glazed Salmon served with a glass of Collingwood Whisky. For three great recipe ideas click to the ...

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