Raise a glass to your Mom with a stunning rosé, the Gassier Sables d'Azur Rosé 2015

On this week's radio show... Celebrating Mother's Day in Style!
Rosé wine from Provence, a French Bistro brunch and a bicycle tour in NOTL.

Coming up on today's show, the celebration of Moms everywhere! Mother's Day is just around the corner and so today we thought we would share with you a few ideas on how to help make your Mom's day a little extra special.

We we will take you to the beautiful historic region of Provence, located in southeastern France, the land of lavender, sunflowers, olive groves and rosé!

World renown for producing the best rosé in the world, these pink wines are being enjoyed now more than ever and with good reason!

Episode WL-05-10-2017


Our first guest will be the President and CEO of Château Gassier , a company involved in growing vineyards in this spectacular region for 5 generations, Olivier Souvelain.

Listen to Olivier Souvelain at 4:15 minutes in the show.



Originating from Barcelonnette (Hautes-Provence) and part of the Provencal nobility since 1421, the Gassier family bought Château Gassier and its 40 hectares of vines in 1982.

Today the vineyard is managed by Georges Gassier, who represents the fifth winegrowing generation of the family, working with the support from his father.

It is only over time that passion, hard work and know how combined, have helped Château Gassier to develop its exceptional potential for excellence.





On this week's radio show...We delve into the world of wine, from one of the most romantic cultures, that is zee French.We welcome Gregory Viennois, winemaker and technical director for Domaine Laroche, producers of fabulous, award winning Chablis.



A wine and also a region located about 110 miles southeast of Paris in the north western corner of Burgundy France. Chablis is also a village as well as a wine region.Chablis which is known to produce some of the best white wines in the world. There is MORE to Chablis, much more than you may be aware!

Tune in for Gregory Viennois at 16:19 minutes in the radio show. 



Episode WL 02-09-2017


Millions of years ago, the area around what's now the small town of Chablis was covered by sea. In the Jurassic era, the sediment-enriched clay of the Chablis region began to form and it's this clay that gives Chablis wine its unique elegance, freshness and complexity.

What typically characterizes Chablis wines?They are naturally relatively sinewy, high in acidity and steely rather than luscious and oaky.An archetypally refreshing, long-lived style of white wine which very few wine regions, possibly none other than Chablis, can produce.






Our first guest here today, the head viticulturist for the "Most Awarded Winery" in New Zealand, a huge success story. What do they say of this winery, “From a one-man band to a global brand in just 50 years, that is Villa Maria Winery, and our guest is Ollie Cowrie. Ollie to tell fill us in each of the wines so unique and delicious coming from various wine regions, and terroir within NZ.


Listen to Ollie Powrie at 4:00 minutes into the show.


On this week's radio show... Best wines for turkey and to pair with your Christmas dinner!  


EPISODE WL 12-06-2016


Grand Opening Holiday Party of K. Barketti of Oakville now opened at the CF Lime Ridge Shopping Center in Hamilton! Holiday Fashion Show with fabulous wine & food. Bring a “Toy for Toddlers for Christmas.” 

See pictures here.



Guests sipped on sumptious wines and cocktails provided by Villa Maria of New Zealand including Pinot Noir, Lightly Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. 




Pitars Wines imported and distributed exclusively by VDF Importers of Fine Wines.





Tune in to hear episode 05-11-2016 



First up, we welcome Nicola Pittaro, of Pitars to the show, to share a little about Pitars story, their wines and why Trip Advisor says don’t miss out on Pitars if you are anywhere near this region!

Listen to Nicola Pittaro at 6:00 minutes in the show








Pitars Wines imported and distributed exclusively by VDF Importers of Fine Wines.

Order on line or contact us to setup a wine tasting at your home, restaurant or business establishment. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 905-995-2542

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And to close off the show, the region that has come to be associated with this varietal as its signature grape, with over three quarters of all vineyards planted dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand!

Our final guest Kyle Thompson, winemaker for Saint Clair Family Estate located in Marlborough. Since their first vintage in 1994 Saint Clair Family Estate has won awards every single year. We’ll get the scoop on NZ in general as a new wine region, about Sauvignon Blanc and of course about Saint Clair Family Estate.

Listen to Kyle Thompson at 44:55 minutes into the radio show.

episode WL04-23-2016




Saint Clair Family Estate wines distributed by PMA,Peter Mielzynski Agencies Ltd.


 Midlife Chaos band practices at Georgia's house always include a bottle or two of Saint Clair Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Jeff the "piano man" of the group! Georgia's husband Ken shown here showcasing this delicious Sauvignon Blanc.
Meet the band from right to left: Jeff, Val, Ken, Gary and Tim. Book the band



And we are so on board, 100% ready to celebrate, to educate and introduce you guys to three very distinct Sauvignon Blancs all coming from diverse regions around the world, in fact from 3 different continents, all with their own unique style... France, California and New Zealand.

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