Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011, Georgia’s Wine Pick. 

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

I really liked this wine, I liked it more each time I had it, and shared it with a few of my friends and they really liked it too!

So what was it? Well a Tempranillo, the grape, most associated with Spain, best known as the chief grape of red Rioja, Spain’s most famous wine, but in this case it came from Argentina!

Zuccardi Q Tempranillo 2011 in our Vintages locally, sells for $19.95 

Distributed through Dionynsus Wine & Spirits

It was full bodied, very smooth, juicy with seductive notes of leather, chocolate and slight nuance of tobacco.

Very delicious. The grapes are sourced by the way from select old vines on their Santa Rosa estate in Mendoza, drink now, or if you can wait, lay down for a few years. Really delish!

Listen to my review at 5:22 minutes into this week’s radio show.

On this week’s radio show…Celebrate International Woman’s Day with us!


We have a fantastic show for you today all in Celebration of International Women’s Day.  International Women’s Day was officially launched in 1911 and today over 100 years later IWD is celebrated around the world. With 1000’s of events taking place honouring women everywhere for their various achievements.

So we thought we want to be a part of that too. So today we’re going to welcome three fantastic ladies to the show, each bringing something unique and different to the table. First up, from Royalty, yes as in the Royal Heiness Prince William and Prince Harry. You won’t want to miss that! Up next a pioneering, award winning winemaker to a very special brand of wine specifically designed for us ladies!

Georgia’s Wine Pick…Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Beringer Knights Vally Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

So this past week we were celebrating my other sister Barb’s birthday. I was looking for something super special to serve at our family celebration. My sister is extraordinary and so she deserved a wine that is extraordinary made by an extraordinary winemaker, Laurie Hook.

Extraordinary women of wine. Laurie has headed up the wine making team at Beringer for the past 13 years. Beringer is one of the first wineries in Napa Valley, dating back to 1875. My wine pick is the Beringer Knights Vally Cabernet Sauvignon 2011.

Full bodied, seductive nose of ripe blue and black berry, full intense fruit flavor, good acidity and lasting finish… hmm hmm good!

Georgia’s Wine Pick…Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Georgia’s Wine Pick…Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

 Listen my review at 5:15 minutes into the radio show.

Yes, the Chinese New year is just around the corner, it is celebrated on February 8th…and so we thought it would be fun and really interesting to do a show on the celebration of the holiday and also explore a little about the Chinese culture, cuisine and wine .


Pillitteri Estates Winery Icewine the perfect pairing for celebrating!

Yes, the Chinese New Year is just around the corner and is celebrated on February 8th and so we thought it would be fun and really interesting  to do a show on the celebration of the holiday and also explore a little about the Chinese culture, cuisine and wine.

It just so happens that one of the most coveted and prestigious beverages enjoyed on this holiday and other days throughout the year in China happens to be Canadian!

Often referred to as liquid gold, it is our iconic Icewine! Pillitteri Estates Winery is one of the most prestigious and largest producers and exporters of Icewine to China,so naturally we spoke with them all about it.

Meet Mark Beringer, 4th generation winemaker Beringer Vineyards… On this week’s radio show

Prazo de Roriz Tinto 2011, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Prazo de Roriz Tinto 2011

Prazo de Roriz Tinto 2011

So we’ve been talking a lot between us about Portugal lately. We are ossibly planning a visit there in the new year. While strolling the aisles of our local LCBO I come upon a new release from Portugal,  the Douro region actually. Exactly where we will be going, so I thought why not give it a try? So I did, and I liked it a lot. It is the Prazo de Roriz Tinto 2011.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick


This red wine is a blend which includes about 25% I believe it was of the most well known red grapes of Portugal Touring Nacional. It also has  the Tinta Roriz varietal, called Tempranillo in Spain, in it too.The wine has a deep purple red colour, its fresh and vibrant, with rich ripe dark fruit, like black cherry and plum, hint of vanilla, chocolate and spice, mouth filling with a good finish.

Woohoo $19.95… Portugal here we come!!

Listen to my review at 3:58 minutes in the show.

On this week’s radio show… Holiday Season sparkles with bubbly, glorious stemware, a variety of great value vino and luxurious limo.

Episode 40

Thank you for joining us, tis the season to be merry…hohoho .We have a fabulous holiday season show planned for you today, including suggestions that will sparkle with bubbly, pleasure your palate with fabulous vino that won’t break the bank.
Plus we’ll introduce you to a stunning stemware line, new to the market, hand crafted and glorious for gift giving and  “how to travel in style safe and sound this holiday season!

13th Street Gamay Noir 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

My wine pick today comes from a beautiful winery in Niagara.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

The owners, a blend of two families with roots in grape growing and farming came together to create a winery. A space, an environment that would showcase their common passion of wine, food and art. They have done it here. With exhibits of rotating art hanging in a stunning tasting room and sculptures outside.

On this week’s radio show… Holiday hits! What will be in your glass this season?


Listen to my wine review at 3:18 minutes in the show.

13th Street Winery is a specialist in Gamay.

I picked their 13th Street Gamay Noir 2012 for $19.95.
A light, fresh red wine, that delivers great fruit. This one rich, and vibrant with cherry and black fruit, good tannins, good acidity, perfect for our upcoming Sunday afternoon luncheon. I will enjoy with good friend and quite possibly a gourmet pizza!

PLATINUM AWARD from the 2015 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada

Hand harvesting for each vineyard took place in early October and the grapes were vinified separately.

After crushing and de-stemming the grapes were moved to stainless steel fermenters where the primary fermentation took place over 3 weeks. After pressing, malolactic fermentation was completed in tank and the wines were kept separate until blending in early spring 2014. The final blend was assembled and the wine was bottled in April.

Although this wine is 100% stainless steel fermented and aged, it shows excellent complexity, vibrant and full berry fruit all wrapped around a succulent core of acidity. This is certainly a glass full of luscious red wine that doesn’t need to be hurried into your glass and will be happy cellared for a few years if you so desire.

For more of my wine picks.

 Chief Winemaker & fourth generation family member Chester Osborn.

d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

d'Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2013

d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2013

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

I’ve been on a bit of a viognier kick lately, And well what can I say, I am still on it. Only this time its not 100% Viognier but with a blend of 26% Marsanne. Bright, enticing, seductive nose of peach, nectarine and pineapple. I was so in the mood for this wine, I really enjoyed it.This wine has an abundance of peach and nectarine, a hint of a nutty flavour and touch of spice, great texture, body, good acidity, good length… just really really good! And the wine is..d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2013.

d’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2013

McLaren Vale, Viognier (74%) Marsanne (26%)   $19.95

Why the Hermit crab? The story behind the name.

Many of McLaren Vale’s vineyards are on free-draining soils underlain with limestone, formed by the calcareous remains of the local marine fauna. One such creature was the Hermit Crab, a reclusive little crustacean that inhabits the cast-off shells of others. The Osborn family thought the name appropriate for this, McLaren Vale’s first ever blend of Viognier and Marsanne. “Hermit” is also an abbreviation for the French appellation of Hermitage, where the Marsanne grape variety dominates.

Chester Osborne

Chester Osborne

On this week’s audio podcast…Ancient Vines,Historic Wines, Antiques, Beringer Vineyards, Taylor-Fladgate Port plus a great new find, Porta 6.



Portuguese wine Júlia Florista launches in Ontario, follow up to Porta 6. Easter wines under $9.00!

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

I really enjoyed this Malbec from Argentina, naturally, the signature grape for this region. It was full bodied, with a really seductive aroma of ripe berries, black cherry, hint of chocolate. Very promising! Delivered big flavours, rich and velvety with a touch of vanilla. Elegant and with a long finish.

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

Vintages 50849 in our market $19.95

Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2012

VINTAGES#: 50849

Listen to my wine review at 5:40 minutes into the show!

On this week’s radio show… Bonterra Organic Wines, Celebrity Chef Brad Long,the raw food diet and whats new in climate change.

Last month we had the opportunity to experience a fabulous Organic wine and food pairing dinner last month hosted by Bonterra Organic Vineyards, Evergreen Brick Works and Café Belong. What made this such an extraordinary evening was each of these three’s huge commitment to our environment.
A pure, ethical and sustainable dinner was presented and it so impressed us that we really wanted to share our experience with you and what biodynamic farming has on our environment, it truly is remarkable!

Episode 37 

Cloudline Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2013

Cloudline Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

My wine comes from one of the Pacific Northwest regions that is Oregon. And we don’t get enough of these wines here, so when I spot one I like to pick it up and give it a try.I also am always on the search for a good Pinot Gris so this was my find. From the Burgundy house of the Drouhin family, this Pinot Gris, which sells for $19.95 was a pleaser to me. It was crisp and dry, aromatic with floral and peach notes with flavours of more peach and some lemony hints. It was perfect for what I was in the mood for, I enjoyed it very much with my famous grilled shrimp and scallops. And it was the Cloudline Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2013. Price:$19.95

Cloudine Pinot Gris

Cloudine Pinot Gris

Listen to my wine review at 5:38 minutes into the show

On this week’s audio podcast…
Its Tequila time with Jose Cuervo!
Plus new delicious chocolate infused spirits and beer in time for the 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show.

Episode 36

Today we shift gears away from the grape vine and delve into the illustrious blue agave plant. To the number one selling tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo! Jonny Gray the Brand Ambassador for Jose Cuervo Tequila will fill us in on Jose Cuervo. As well as some of the myths and truisms surrounding Mexico’s signature spirit
The 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show is coming up in Toronto November 8th. With everything you can possibly imagine under one roof all having to do with chocolate. What is striking is how big this event has become. A true testament to the growing love and fascination with the beloved coco bean. And NOT only in Toronto. There are many events and festivals that go on now around the world all celebrating the ubiquity of chocolate, and the many ways it is being incorporated into our daily diets.


Principessa Gavia Gavi by Banfi 2014, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Principessa Gavia, GAVI DOCG by Banfi 

Principessa Gavia, GAVI DOCG by Banfi

So here is my find for today, I was in the mood for something light, fresh, and a little different, strolling through the aisles of our LCBO, and I picked up this Italian white that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. In fact, I’ve since been back a couple of times to pick up another bottle!

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

And so here it is. The Principessa Gavia, GAVI DOCG by Banfi  $19.95

It comes from the DOCG region of Gavi, located in the prominent wine region of Piedmont and is made from the indigenous grape variety Cortese, 100%.
In this particular wine the grapes are sourced from the producers own estate grown grapes.

The wine is the Principessa Gavia Gavi 2014  $19.95
GAVI DOCG producer is BANFI

What did I like about it? It was light and fresh, 12% alcohol, and really inviting. Seductive on the nose, just what I wanted, fruit forward, vibrant, notes of peach, white flowers, hint of pineapple and hint of mineral notes. Very nice… $19.95 in our market

 Imported by Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants

On this week’s radio show…
La Dolce Vita,”the sweet life!”

Episode 34

We feature a fabulous premium Prosecco, the signature Italian spirit, Grappa and an Italian wine producer Cantina Scacciadiavoli from the region of Umbria with a devilish story and great wines.
Plus a Michelin starred Italian Chef, with a spectacular restaurant in the historic, culturally rich gastronomic capital of Rome.

Listen to my review at 4:00 minutes into the show

Les Vins de Vienne Condrieu 2012, Geeorgia’s Wine Pick.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

So for my wine pick today, I am going back to a white wine and back over to the Rhone. I was there last week, yes with my Châteauneuf-du-Pape! Although the Southern Rhone, now I head up to the Norther Rhone.

This week, my wine pick comes from the Rhone’s most famous white wine appellation which makes wine exclusively from the Viognier grape, and that is Condrieu. The wine is Les Vins de Vienne Condrieu.

True to the characteristics which define a delectable, beautifully made Viognier, this one is seductive on the nose and mouth filling, rich on the palate, with ripe peaches, apricots, honeysuckle and floral notes, like violets, perfume, but not overly, juicy with a crisp acidity and long satisfying finish. A treat to be sure.


On this week’s audio podcast…

Wine World News… Hot off the Press with UK’s Wine Critic Jancis Robinson PLUS the Pacific Northwest Winning Wine Regions, BC and Oregon.

Extra, extra, read all about it! We have the latest scoop on what is happening in the world of wine. Coming to you today from one of the greatest authorities on wine worldwide. She hails from the UK and is Jancis Robinson.

You’ll hear all about what is happening in China’s vineyards. Yes they grow grapes, they make wine and in fact are the 5th largest producer of wine in the world.

We’ll chat about climate change. Is it affecting our vineyards and how? And finally we have red wine, white, rose and yellow, but have you heard of “orange wine”? And no it is not made with oranges!

We like to stay on top with what’s going on in our market here as well. So as we just recently had a Vintages release of some of the wines of the Great Pacific Northwest, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you what is going on in two of it’s exciting regions.
Our next two guests hail from award winning wineries representing BC  and Oregon.

Sokol Blosser, Legacy Oregon winery since 1971, The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast.

Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012, Georgia’s Wine pick.

Pope Clement the V and Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012

Pope Clement the V and Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012

I am going red today and am going to the southern Rhone and heading straight to the appellation of Chateauneuf du Pape, which translates to “the new home of the Pope”. Pope Clement the V made his home there for political reasons but we’re not going to go there! But he surely loved wine! Fast forward roughly 700 years Chateauneuf du Pape is now well recognized as one of the top wine producing appellations giving us big, full bodied, spicy, peppery wines, with depth, richness and made with up to 13 grape varieties! Today’s wine is Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

VINTAGES#: 416289   $47.95 

Clos de Brusquieres Chateauneuf du Pape 2012 is my find. Intense from the nose to the palate to the finish, enticing aroma of deep cherry, red berries, a hint of floral, hmm hmm, the taste even more fulfilling with deeper flavours of cherry and berry, bit of licorice. And with a satisfying finish… please sir… may I have some more????

On this week’s radio show…

Celebrating local summer bounty and bubbly and masterly crafted small batch spirits!

We are in the month of August, the middle of summer and as lovers of food, great food, wine and drink… like most everybody, one our most favorite things about the summer is all the fresh, amazing local produce we get to enjoy here in Ontario.

And so today’s show is all about celebrating our summer and our fresh, local bounty with a few knock out recipes, a very unique and special bubbly, and some local small batch masterly crafted spirits and cocktails.