Can you tell me about the grape steen from South Africa? Ask The Wine Ladies



Dear Wine Ladies,

Up until now I’d never had the opportunity to taste any wines from South Africa but had a delicious white wine recently made from a grape that I believe was called “steen”.

This grape is new to me as well. What can you tell me about it? Is it a new wine or just not very popular? Some-one recommended we try a wine called Lammershok that is suppose to now be available, saying it was made with this grape but we are unable to find it.


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Dear Allison,

Steen is actually the name of the most planted white grape variety in South Africa, which is more commonly known as Chenin Blanc. The wine you are referring to which comes from the winery Lammershoek, is labelled Chenin Blanc Barrique 2007 and is currently available at the LCBO for $18.95. This is a full bodied wine, at 14.5% alc., is barrel fermented in French oak and is very rich – it has notes of spice and honey with a long finish. The grapes were hand picked from forty year old vines, and the yield was kept to a minimum resulting in a complex wine which is well worth the price.

Chenin Blanc, or Steen has the ability to make some wonderful wines in a broad range of styles. At one end of the spectrum, it is capable of producing some of the longest living sweet wines while at the other it is sometimes used for table wines (mostly in South Africa) and even for the base wine for fortified wines and spirits. It does have a natural high acidity which serves it well in hotter climates, often producing lively wines with good fruit and with a flavour reminiscent of honey. Steen, or Chenin Blanc is also called Pineau or Pineau de la Loire in its native region, the Loire, located in the northwestern part of France.

Iron Chef America Cat Cora

Sante’s finale the 10th on the 10th. Iron Chef America Cat Cora from New York!

Wow! What great fun emceeing Sante’s finale the 10th on the 10th with guest star, Iron Chef America Cat Cora from New York!

Hazelton Lanes proved to be the ideal venue to close the fabulous week long wine festival, Sante. Several hundred patrons of the vine and of haute cuisine! not to mention haute couture, attended the evening, sipping on fine wines and savoring the delectables of Cat Cora, of Iron Chef America fame, as well as many a Toronto star chef including Greg Coulliard of the Spice Room and Manyata Cafe.

1050 CHUM, guest Chef Darrel Fletcher, ChefD TV.

Celebrity Chef Darryl Fletcher, back with us by popular demand! Radio Show update for July 22, 2008

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1050 CHUM Call in radio show, with featured guests every week. Saturday mornings, 10:00am -11:00am. The lines are burning up with lost of "ask The Wine Ladies" questions. Georgia has the answers to be sure!

1050 CHUM Call in radio show, with featured guests every week. Saturday mornings, 10:00am -11:00am. The lines are burning up with lost of “ask The Wine Ladies” questions. Georgia has the answers to be sure!

Lobster, crab, cedar planking and more, make it mouth watering, simple and delicious with tips from Celebrity Chef Darryl Fletcher, back with us by popular demand! Get ready for easy entertaining, with the long weekend approaching, Executive Chef Darryl, of Aqua Star has got the perfect menu plan for you! Denise Whitter, Founder of New Beginnings, will also join us to fill everyone in on the up-coming Prosperity Ball, an event to help the underprivileged. We’ll be there as hosts and auctioneers!

Denise Whitter Executive Director- New Beginnings Support Program

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How much alcohol do I need per person for my BBQ? Ask The Wine Ladies.

Alcohol Consumption Standard Unit

Alcohol Consumption Standard Unit

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re throwing a party in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the completion, finally, of our backyard patio including a built-in barbeque and kitchen! It’s been quite a while since we’ve entertained and are unsure as to how much alcohol or wine to buy; is there some kind of formula to figure out how much we will need? Merci.


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Dear Giselle,

Awesome, sound like you’ve got quite the venue for a party! Yes, when it comes to purchasing the wine and/or other alcoholic beverages for any event or party there is a rule of thumb. Basically you should count on one drink per person per hour. Usually in the beginning of the party guests will tend to drink a little faster and as time goes by the consumption will slow down. In the case of wine, a five ounce pour is considered one drink, for beer, a twelve ounce glass and approximately a 1.5 ounce shot for spirits. Be sure to always have plenty of water available as well as a small selection of non alcoholic options.

Chateau Fortia

How many grapes make up a Chateauneuf-du-Pape? Ask The Wine Ladies.



Dear Wine Ladies,

A small group of us get together every couple of months and more and more. Wine is becoming an important part of our socials. Last month we had a super red called Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  I heard has to be made of thirteen different kinds of grapes. Is this right? I was also wondering if a white of this wine exists?

Oh, and I have to tell you, I totally enjoy tuning into your audio podcasts. I love all your amazing guests!


Ask The Wine Ladies

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Dear Lena,

No, it is not obligatory to use all thirteen grape varieties when producing a Chateauneuf-du-Pape. However, up to thirteen varieties are permitted. In 1923 the Baron Le Roy of Chateau Fortia, a vigneron of that time in Chateauneuf-du-Pape got together with the other growers and drew up a set of rules for the production of these wines.

Baron Pierre Le Roy de Boiseaumarié of Château Fortia

Baron Pierre Le Roy de Boiseaumarié of Château Fortia

Actually the entire appellation system (appellation d’origine controlee) in France as we know it today, was fashioned after this very set of regulations. Apart from dictating minimum alcohol content (12.5%, the highest in France) and defining an area as permitted to be included in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the Baron also included in the rules ten permissible grape varieties. In 1936 three additional grape varieties were added to the list bringing the total to thirteen. The most prominent grape variety is grenache, with mourvedre and syrah (Shiraz as many know it) in second and third place.

Ask The Wine Ladies. Is there such a wine as a white Chateauneuf-du-Pape?

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Kathy Lynskey 2007

Sauvignon Blanc   $21.99  keep for 2 to 3 years.   12 to 15 degrees C  Kathy Lynskey Wines is a privately owned boutique Marlborough wine company producing only 4500 cases of limited release, hand crafted wines annually. Kathy Lynskey, Founder and Managing Director was brought up on a local, Marlborough sheep farm, and her passion for wine, combined with her expertise in horticulture led her to the founding of this highly reputed boutique winery, only 23 acres in total, producing wines that have been awarded many medals, consistently scoring 4 or 5 in international competitions. Kathy Lynskey Wines is committed to making powerful, yet elegant wines that have balance and finesse, wines that are rich, full flavoured and well structured. Vineyard management includes the demanding of cropping vines at levels which maximize the intense fruit flavours produced by this very special vineyard site. From the .vineyard to the glass., each one hundred percent single varietal wine produced by this small, dedicated company reflects a .hands on., personal and passionate approach to creating the finest flavours in New Zealand wine.

The fruit for this wine was selected from Lynskey.s own estate vineyard and from three other vineyard blocks. By blending the individual flavours from these sites, we have a wine created a wine which has complex, lifted aromas of ripe melon, apple blossom, bell pepper and fresh limes. The palate is clean and refreshing with lingering flavours of pineapple, grapefruit and crisp green apple. Alcohol Content: 13%    $263.88

Tenuta Villa Rossa 2001


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