How much alcohol do I need per person for my BBQ? Ask The Wine Ladies.

Alcohol Consumption Standard Unit

Alcohol Consumption Standard Unit

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re throwing a party in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the completion, finally, of our backyard patio including a built-in barbeque and kitchen! It’s been quite a while since we’ve entertained and are unsure as to how much alcohol or wine to buy; is there some kind of formula to figure out how much we will need? Merci.


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Dear Giselle,

Awesome, sound like you’ve got quite the venue for a party! Yes, when it comes to purchasing the wine and/or other alcoholic beverages for any event or party there is a rule of thumb. Basically you should count on one drink per person per hour. Usually in the beginning of the party guests will tend to drink a little faster and as time goes by the consumption will slow down. In the case of wine, a five ounce pour is considered one drink, for beer, a twelve ounce glass and approximately a 1.5 ounce shot for spirits. Be sure to always have plenty of water available as well as a small selection of non alcoholic options.

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