Wine for Goat Cheese

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re slowly getting into selecting the right wine to go with the right food. We’ve discovered a wonderful goat cheese that is very delicate and creamy. What might be a good choice for a wine?

New York

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Sherry will fortify trip to Spain

Dear Wine Ladies,

My wife and I would love to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in the beautiful country of Spain. Besides all the great food, art and architecture, how does it fare on the wine stage? Do you have any recommendations for which area might be among the most interesting to visit? We have some relatives in the south west and thought we might concentrate there.


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Girls’ Night Out wines hit the radio waves

We all know that men and women think differently. Vive la difference! In fact this difference also affects the way each of these two groups buy their wine as well.

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Wine Ladies Romantic Dinner for Two: Milagro Restaurante Mexicano

Milagro Restaurante Mexicano y Cantina …. the classic Mexican cantina.

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Eight Wine Bar


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Radio Show update for September 27th, 2008

Check out what’s on The Wine Ladies Radio Show, this Saturday September 27th, 2008.

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Wine dispensing machine hits the big apple!

New York watering hole “Clo” situated in the prestigious Time Warner Centre on the 4th floor in Manhattan is nestled between two Michelin guide restaurants.

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Wildfire Steakhouse and Wine Bar, a dining experience not soon forgotten

Wildfire Steakhouse and Wine Bar, where a delicious and rich hardwood charcoal barbequed meal will not only satisfy your hunger, but will fulfill your evening with wonderful entertainment!

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The Great Grange reigns! Stunning, seductive and aging with grace!

The Great Grange reigns! Stunning, seductive and aging with grace!

Peter Gago, Penfolds

Those Penfolds luxury wines did not disappoint. Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 will be a day to remember. Seated at Reds Bistro for a unique tasting lead by award winning Chief Winemaker Peter Gago. Peter, bravely fought off the sniffles, not a good thing when you’re the chief leading the tasting. We were treated to an experience, with the wines showing brilliantly and the wine writers and personalities around the table sipping, slurping, commenting and busily scratching down tasting notes, prices and most importantly, availability!

In 2001, the National Trust of South Australia listed Penfolds Grange as a Heritage Icon.

Gathered together to experience this tasting, with each wine being presented with another of a previous vintage, we were all exposed to how these wines develop over a certain time period of cellaring. Anyone who thinks all Australian wines are meant for earlier consumption, you might want to reconsider! Of course these are not just ANY wines from down under. Penfolds has legs! long beautiful legs! excuse the pun.

It is the confidence of Penfolds that allows them to subject their range of wines to an independent assessment, an assessment of wine critics and writers the world over who pen their measure of and opine on the various wines and vintages of Penfolds all to appear, non edited every 5 years in “The Rewards of Patience” a book long anticipated by wine critics and lovers from around the globe. This 6th edition, launched on September 9th here in Toronto, on the 18th in Melbourne and in New York and London not until October, is a wine lovers superb reference for Penfolds; independent and honest.

The Wine Ladies With Celebrity winemaker Peter Gago, Penfolds REDS Bistro, 2008

The Wine Ladies With celebrity winemaker Peter Gago, Penfolds

Enjoy and experience the latter vintages of the wines we were honored to sample, here then is a list of wines to be released with dates and prices;

2005 Yattarna Chardonnay release date: November 8th, 2008 $100.00/bottle

2005 Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $ 37.95/bottle

2004 St. Henri Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $ 64.00/bottle

2005 RWT Shiraz release date: November 8th, 2008 $135.00/bottle

2005 Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon release date: $120.00/bottle

2003 Grange Shiraz release date: September 10th $370.00/bottle

The Rewards of Patience

For precise tasting notes on all of the above please visit or treat yourself to a copy of “The Rewards of Patience” for an overview of almost every single wine Penfolds has ever produced!

Penfolds Grange…The crescendo of our “Ultimate Penfolds Experience”

B.C. wine a good find

Dear wine Ladies,

I heard that there is a winery in British Columbia that is actually owned and operated by an Indian Band. This is pretty cool! Can you tell me more about it? How are the wines? Where can we buy them?


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