Different Options for Drinking Wine

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re starting to enjoy a glass of wine or two most evenings albeit very moderately priced wines in the range of $10.00-$15.00 per bottle. Is it okay to drink out of tumblers or will this really take away from the wine? We do have our set of expensive crystal glasses but we’d rather not use them all the time.


Dear Brenda,

It’s true that the quality and the shape of the wine glass do contribute to the enjoyment of wine but that’s not to say it’s all or nothing. For everyday drinking if you’d like to drink your wine out of a tumbler the way they do in the Italian trattorias that’s perfectly fine. There is another option though between the crystal stemware and the tumbler, and that is to invest in a small set of wine glasses that can be both inexpensive and practical while still allowing you to thoroughly enjoy. Look for an all purpose glass, one that has a thin rim and has the capacity to hold 12 ounces. The thin rim allows the wine to be sipped, and the larger bowl provides enough space to swirl the wine without spillage. Swirling is important as it gently oxygenates the wine and allows the aroma of the wine to become more apparent and thus more enjoyable.

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