Variety of sparkling pairings

Dear Wine Ladies,

I am planning on throwing a small wine and cheese party for the ladies that work with me at my salon as a thank you for their hard work and support throughout the year. This will mark my second anniversary! One of the cheeses that I will be serving is gorgonzola; my favorite. I’ve heard that serving an icewine would be best but am wondering if there are any other options that might work equally well?


Dear Theresa,

Congratulations and continued success for many years to come! Gorgonzola, absolutely one of our favorites as well, actually pairs well with a good variety of wines.

Indeed an icewine would be wonderful, as would be a late harvest Riesling or perhaps a Tuscan vin santo from Italy which is the home of gorgonzola. Another option, particularly because you do have cause for celebration, would be to serve a sparkling wine, which would provide an appealing contrast to the creamy richness of the cheese. Finally if you wanted to go with a red wine, an Amarone, once again from Italy or a fortified wine such as sherry or port would also be great options.

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