Oh What A Night! FLOURISH was Fantastic!

The Reena foundation wants to thank you for joining us October 30th, 2008 in support of people with developmental disabilities

What a fantastic night out with some fabulous friends – old and new!

The Reena foundation wants to thank you for joining us October 30th, 2008 in support of people with developmental disabilities. Over 300 people were in attendance and the fundraising efforts are being tallied!

We hosted the event and had an incredible time. The wine flowed; the food was amazing, the music enchanting and the company outstanding. A stellar evening to be sure.

If you have a passion for fundraising and have a place in your heart for the developmentally disabled, The Reena Foundation is always looking for people
to join their New Leadership Committee.

One of our listeners from our radio show, John A. Borham won a pair of
tickets to the event and wrote the below poem. Enjoy!

Here is what he had to say:

The Wine Ladies “Flourish” on Safari.
In African, Manyata Courtyard @ Hazleton lanes in T.O.
Through bamboo, cotton curtains & chiffon – an exotic show.
Chilean & other wines flowed from mountains & valleys: red,rose`,ice &
Making this “Rally for REENA” (see website), a sumptuos night.
Suddenly, the Wine Ladies, Georgette & Suzanne, into a clearing – Burst-
like champagne, so bubbly, outrageous – what a thirst –
was in need for the bounty of Gourmet Hor-deauvres & bouquets of wines.
If, you were there – What an affair – ,if not, for sure next time!
Red hot Lamb “popsicles” & fine ground “sliders” on wild wheat bun – caused
uproars of approvals on this exquisite night of fun.
Superb wines, subtle, very drinkable, varieties for everyone.
A live Bullock of the Michael kind was also there. A raffle & silent auction
– showed that people care!
Ravenous natives raided cauldrons of Rissotta in the main tent. Then,
escaping with steaming,gleaming steel “Manhatten” cones with a long stem.
From CHUM’s Dazzling Wine duo programme was the inviting, making Keswick
Diane and John’s night in Toronto, so exiting.
Thanks, on behalf of all from near and afari,
for this October 30, ” Wine Ladies Flourish – on Safari.

By John A. Borham
(the morning after the night before)

Delicious Risotto for all

Looking good with FaceByCarla

Doris Bradley demonstrates the Sabering Champagne ceremony

Bunmi Adeoye entertains to crowd

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