Mission Hill Family Estate on a mission with Oculus, Quatrain and Perpetua

Anthony von Mandl, founder of “Canadian Winery of the Year” recipient Mission Hill Family Estate Winery unveils the winery’s signature Bordeaux inspired Oculus 2005 vintage

Above: Mission Hill Estate’s founder Anthony von Mandl

A vintage affair to be sure, a wine tasting held October 29th at THE SPOKE CLUB, where Anthony von Mandl, founder of “Canadian Winery of the Year” recipient Mission Hill Family Estate Winery unveils the winery’s signature Bordeaux inspired Oculus 2005 vintage. Recognized by wine critic Jancis Robinson and other international wine writers as one of Canada’s finest red wines, we are ready to taste, to listen and be captivated via the passion and infectious intensity Mr. von Mandl and his Director of Wine Education Ingo Grady bring to this much anticipated tasting. This tasting is also set to launch two new wines, the ultra premium Perpetua and Quatrain. Although this event includes the media luncheon, a masterclass seminar and a video screening followed by a Mark Anthony Brands portfolio tasting, our schedules permit the luncheon only.

Executive Chef Michael Potters outdoes himself with an incredible luncheon, that pairs a mouth watering Baked Tomato and Olive Tart with Mission Hill’s 2006 Select Lot Collection Sauvignon Blanc Semillon ($26.95) for the appetizer. The Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend is a welcome change, from the 100% Sauvignon Blancs we’ve enjoyed over the summer. Medium bodied, with a hint of oak, ripe pear and tangerine, absolutely delicious. Lobster Raviolis with Seared Jumbo Scallops are next, heavenly matched with the ultra premium 2006 Perpetua making its debut. This Chardonnay, full bodied with a touch of soft oak and roundness caresses the palate. The perfectly delicious blend of citrus, of spice and minerality make this wine a winner ($32.95)

On to the 2005 Quatrain ($47.95), for its inaugural vintage. Quatrain, we are told is a poem or a stanza that is always composed of four lines. Similarly, this wine is composed of four grape varieties; Merlot 57%, Syrah 28%, Cabernet Franc 10% and Cabernet Sauvignon 5%. Poetry on the palate is the best way to describe this rich and luscious wine, with ripe berry and plummy flavours taking centre stage to the supporting role of a hint of chocolate and licorice notes.

!and finally, please hold your applause, Mission Hill Family Estate’s signature Bordeaux inspired wine, Oculus 2005 ($60.00 as a pre-release) has been poured. Finesse, elegance, complexity, luscious layers of blackberry and cherry, spice and chocolate; a finale, or a finish that leaves you wanting an encore! Sure to be sold out, Oculus encapsulates a vision Mr. von Mandl has for the potential and the realization of the Okanagan. Check the Mission Hill website for details.

Wine luncheon line-up
(From left to right) Select Lot Collection Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2006, Perpetua 2006 Chardonnay, Oculus 2005, Quatrain 2005

Baked Tomato and Olive Tart with artisanal Monforte Dairy Chevre from Perth County, Ontario. According to Executive Chef Michael Potters, where the east and the west meet in perfect harmony

Executive Chef Michael Potters

Ingo Grady – Director of Wine Education

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