Mission Hill Family Estate on a mission with Oculus, Quatrain and Perpetua

Anthony von Mandl, founder of “Canadian Winery of the Year” recipient Mission Hill Family Estate Winery unveils the winery’s signature Bordeaux inspired Oculus 2005 vintage

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Vinifera Grape Powder

As lovers of the vine and of wine there’s now another way to experience the joy of the grape! Grape powders, from vinifera grapes (those premium grapes used for making wine) are now being used to enhance the flavours of many recipes including breads, pasta and much more.

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Oh What A Night! FLOURISH was Fantastic!

The Reena foundation wants to thank you for joining us October 30th, 2008 in support of people with developmental disabilities

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Radio Show update for November 15th, 2008

Get a sneak peek at this week’s Wine Ladies Radio Show, this Saturday at 10:30AM on 1050CHUM.

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The Spirit World reigned Supreme with Mad Mixologist and Halloween!

The Wine Ladies explore great Halloween-inspired cocktails with Mad Mixologist Dean Serneels and Armando Russo of Tappo Restaurant and Wine Bar

Having enjoyed a fantastic Halloween the night before, the theme continued the next day on the radio show as the topic of the morning was all about Spirits! However we weren’t really talking about the spirit world but in fact a spirited discussion was held that day all about the spirit, Whiskey!

Dean Serneels otherwise known as the “Mad Mixologist” was in studio and brought along a ghost and a goblin of his own, his son Ryan and daughter Megan. Much too their delight they put on the official headsets and microphones and enjoyed the experience of being live on the air. Also in studio was Armando Russo proprietor of the fabulous Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar located in the historic Distillery District in Toronto. On the phone all the way from Vancouver was John Malloy, the Jameson Brand Ambassador who got up extra early to call in to the radio show to talk about his passion whiskey!

Several weeks earlier Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar hosted the Jameson Whiskey tasting and served delightful appetizers that matched perfectly with the whiskey. Armando explained that smoky style food like Salmon is an excellent match for whiskey. Armando Russo and Shane Corson (formerly a power forward with the Leafs) are partners and make sure there is always a constant with the food, wine and design and all are thoughtfully presented.

We are proud to say that this restaurant is one our personally selected The Wine Ladies Romantic Dinner for Two Experiences. You can buy the gift card directly at any Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario or check out our offers online

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Wine oxidization

Dear Wine Ladies,

I’ve recently started to really get into wine. I have a very general question about tasting; most wines generally come in 750 ml bottles and I would like to try two, three or even four or more varieties of wines in a sitting, especially to compare them. Since I usually have only a few ounces of each I would like to know how I can keep the wine fresh for longer. Does the oxygen affect it?


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Jameson Reserve Whiskey… Too Special To Reserve

Although we are known as The Wine Ladies and are partial to anything and everything to do with the grape, we like to venture out from time to time to enjoy other fine beverages life has to offer. So when were invited to a very exclusive tasting of Jameson Irish Whiskey we decided to give it a shot!

This fabulous afternoon set in The Tappo Restaurant & Wine Bar in the historic Distillery District provided the perfect setting to what was to be a very special whiskey tasting indeed. Upon entering the room we were instantly charmed and delighted by the old stone walls, high ceilings and chandeliers. The tables were set with crisp white table cloths which provided the perfect canvas for the multiple glasses of the golden coloured whiskey we were about to explore.

All the way from Ireland the tasting was led by one of the four Jameson Master Blenders. Dave Quinn known as “Master of Smoothness” charmed us with his Irish accent, sense of humour, passion and in depth knowledge about whiskey. One by one he led us through the entire range of the Jameson Reserve collection ending up with the Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve. With only 8 bottles in all of Ontario and at $399.95 per bottle we knew that the Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve was something very rare and special.

Dave Quinn explained to us what made these whiskeys extra special.

High Pot Still Content- All whiskeys permitted to bear the Reserve name must firstly have a high pot still content, courtesy of the yeast fermented mash of malted and unmalted barley produced in traditional copper pots.
Limited Stocks – All Reserve whiskeys are significantly aged and are limited in stock.
Hand Picked Casks – The final element of a true reserve whiskey is all about the casks and the distillates used.

Together these 3 criteria exert a varying but essential influence depending on the type of whiskey being made, allowing it to develop into something that is more than the sum of its parts.

The Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve

Brought together by the four Master Blenders, it contains some of the oldest grains and rarest pot still whiskeys available. The fortified wine casks used for maturing one of the pot still whiskeys with port pipes, gives it a glorious fruit rich character. The combination of the oldest whiskeys and the ageing process has delivered a supremely lavish taste experience, which brings with it depth, complexity and intriguing berry fruit notes. Available at the LCBO for $399.95 per bottle.


Variety of sparkling pairings

Dear Wine Ladies,

I am planning on throwing a small wine and cheese party for the ladies that work with me at my salon as a thank you for their hard work and support throughout the year. This will mark my second anniversary! One of the cheeses that I will be serving is gorgonzola; my favorite. I’ve heard that serving an icewine would be best but am wondering if there are any other options that might work equally well?


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Radio Show update for November 8th, 2008

Find out what’s happening on The Wine Ladies Radio Show, this Saturday, November 8th at 10:30AM on 1050CHUM

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