Have your wife try some lighter reds first

Dear Wine Ladies,

As a true fan of red wine how it pains me to see my wife missing out on all the fabulous Cabernets, Shiraz’s and Malbecs out there for the tasting! Unfortunately she doesn’t see it, or taste it that way! I find myself often giving in and opting for the Chardonnay or the Pinot Grigio… again. Are there any red wines in particular that a novice red wine drinker might be more likely to enjoy?


Dear Graham,

Indeed there are. Perhaps the red wines your wife has been introduced to are a little on the stronger side in terms of levels of alcohol, greater tannins, bolder flavours, more aged etc! When it comes to red wine, a good many people start off enjoying lighter, fruitier reds to begin with and then slowly progress to the fuller bodied, heavier or more complex wines. As one of our winemaker friends used to say, “it’s like asking some-one to run before they can walk; the palate often needs a little experience first”. Here are a couple of suggestions of wines that oftentimes facilitate one’s transition from white to red; Beaujolais, or other wines made from the Gamay grape, lighter Pinot Noirs, Valpolicella and Merlot. These wines tend to be lighter and fruitier, hence more approachable. If your wife does find a red wine she enjoys we’d love to hear back from you. Cheers!

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