Icewine, drink it now or later?

Dear Wine Ladies,

At the icewine festival this weekend I tasted a delicious Vidal icewine which I learned was aged in oak. Is this typical? Are icewines ok to age or should they be consumed when young?


Dear Barry,

Actually oaked aged icewines are more the exception than the rule particularly for those made with the more delicate grape varietal the Riesling; these icewines are typically made in stainless steel. Winemakers often elect to age the sturdier, uniquely Canadian Vidal in oak, resulting in a wine with a more complex structure. One of the many wonders of icewine is their ability to be enjoyed soon after bottling or aged for up to twenty years. Fresh and clean in their youth with a stunning bouquet often of tropical fruits and notes of peaches, evolving overtime, with a deeper colour, a more intense flavour and a longer lingering finish.

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