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Dear Wine Ladies,

I came across an article that included “Yecla” wines among a list of other wines, Napa Cabernets, classified Bordeaux, Burgundies and some Zinfandels as wines that are often included in auctions and are worth holding onto. Is Yecla a wine, a place or a style of wine? I am intrigued.


Dear Jacob,

Indeed a name, of a place actually, a collector may not necessarily be familiar with or gravitate to. Yecla is one of Spain’s smallest wine regions, established in 1975 as a DO (Denomination of Origin), that surrounds the city of the same name. Yecla, located in the southeastern province of Murcia is surrounded by Jumilla and Almansa, two other Spanish wine regions a little better known. Yecla wines are becoming known, to some degree for their quality and value (thanks greatly to the efforts of the private wine producer Bodegas Castano), although sharing the stage with cult California Cabs, Burgundies and classified Bordeaux is probably not a common occurrence.

In terms of composition, the red grape Monastrell represents approximately 85% of all grapes grown in the region although setting a new precedent, and some say “standard” by adding Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot, Bodegas Castano is producing excellent wines with a significant amount of success leading to approximately 85% of Yecla’s wines being exported.

As to their demand at auction, probably not too strong as of yet; as to their age ability; definitely a function of the producer, the vintage and the condition.

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