How to remove are wine stain.

Ask The Wine Ladies. I have a red wine stain on my shirt, what do I do now?

How to remove a red wine stain.

How to remove a red wine stain.

Dear Wine Ladies,

Would appreciate if you can you recommend a product that instantly cleans up red wine stains on my shirt and tie when I’m out for dinner.


Thank You.

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Hi Ronald,

Here’s how we remove a red wine stain.

Thanks for your question. Although there are many remedies and old wife’s tales out there, we are thrilled to share a new one we just recently discovered and are now working with!
Our recent discovery “Winning Colours Stain Remover” came out of the paint department of a hardware store, if you can believe it. Winning Colours is easy to use, convenient, immediate and works great! It’s also gentle on fabric and on our skin. This eco-responsible stain remover has won us over! Check out their website for more info and availability.

Winning Colours

Winning Colours

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