The 19th Hole

Dear Wine Ladies,

Tuning in to last Saturday’s show was like getting a hole in one; as an avid wine lover and a devoted golf fan it was great to learn so much about the Mike Weir and Greg Norman wines. My question is about the Shiraz you talked about from Greg Norman. Where is the limestone coast and what is the significance of a wine coming from that area, which I heard referred to repeatedly from both Greg Norman’s daughter and yourselves?


Dear Tina,

The Limestone Coast is a classified wine zone found in South Australia. Two of the regions included in this zone are Coonawarra and Padthaway. It is from these two regions that the majority of the grapes are sourced for the Greg Norman Shiraz 2005 Limestone Coast we chatted about on the air. The significance of this area dates as far as back 15 million years ago when this part of Australia was covered by the Southern Ocean. When the sea retreated, what was left behind were fossil-bearing limestone deposits that form the geology today; rocks and sediments that underlie the Limestone Coast. It’s the combination of the well draining limestone and rich nutritious soil, along with the appropriate climate, Bordeaux like, that provide the winemakers today supreme ingredients to work their magic. Approximately one third of all quality wines from Australia come from the Limestone Coast. Be sure to come and see us at the Golf & Travel Show this Saturday where we will be sampling this wonderful Shiraz as well as three of Mike Weir’s wines at 12 noon, 2 and 4.

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