Pass the cheese please

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to explore one of Canada’s culinary treasures!. and culinary pleasures! pass the cheese please.

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Pearly whites and red wine. Ask The Wine Ladies February 2011

Dear Wine Ladies,

Why do some people’s teeth get stained so quickly with red wine and others remain Crest white? I’ve heard it has to do with how porous your teeth are. Do some red wines stain less than others, or am I doomed to Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio etc…?


Montreal, Quebec

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Radio Show update for February14th, 2009

Set that dial to 1050CHUM every Saturday morning at 10a.m. to connect with The Wine Ladies radio show.

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Dating drama with wine

Dear Wine Ladies,

Dating is stressful enough without having to feel like a wine connoisseur when the wine list arrives. In my late twenties and knowing very little about wine I often feel uncomfortable when it comes to ordering the wine. Should I try to bluff my way through and hope for the best or just fess up?


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Let us introduce you to Yecla

Dear Wine Ladies,

I came across an article that included “Yecla” wines among a list of other wines, Napa Cabernets, classified Bordeaux, Burgundies and some Zinfandels as wines that are often included in auctions and are worth holding onto. Is Yecla a wine, a place or a style of wine? I am intrigued.


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Niagara Icewine Festival When Gold meets Cold January 16th-25th, 2009

A very typical trait about being Canadian is that we seem to always be talking about the weather! And being Canadian, The Wine Ladies know a big part of the conversation is how cold and snowy the winter gets here in Ontario.

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Arabella magazine Inaugural Fall/Winter issue: Enjoying the Wine Lifestyle with The Wine Ladies!

In Georgia's wine cellar.Feature on The Wine Ladies in Arabella Magazine.

In Georgia’s wine cellar.Feature in The Wine Ladies in Arabella Magazine, Spring 2009

When the Founder and Editor in Chief Deb Usher of the brand new magazine ARABELLA asked us if we would like to have a feature in the inaugural issue, we were thrilled. We knew that this would be a terrific opportunity to get our message out to the wine loving community everywhere. What better way then to open up our homes and our hearts and showcase our “Enjoying the Wine Lifestyle” approach to wine, food and all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Arabella Magazine Cover Spring 2009

Arabella Magazine Cover Spring 2009

ARABELLA magazine intention is to bring the readers special moments of exquisite beauty, dazzling Colours, breathtaking pictures and brilliant editorial- all designed to make you think and look at the world in a new way and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It focuses in on all the good things life has to offer; Food, wine and living well, Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, Exceptional Home Furnishings and Decor, Furniture and Spectacular Landscaping and Gardening.

Our article appeared in fall/winter 2008 issue and showcased our wine cellar, our approach to wine and a peak at our individual personalities and lifestyles. We are happy to share this with you our wine lovers, readers and friends.

We are also thrilled to announce that we are now contributing editors to this incredible magazine and you can watch for our article in the spring 2009 issue; White wine and Fine Dining

Read more about ARABELLA magazine subscription details at their website.

Deb Usher of the stunning architectural and lifestyle magazine Arabella

March 28th,2009
Set that dial to CP 24 Radio 1050 every Saturday morning at 10a.m. to connect with The Wine Ladies radio show.
Founder and Editor in Chief Deb Usher of the stunning architectural and lifestyle magazine Arabella will be our guest this Saturday. Join us as we are lead into a world of beauty, art, fine wine and food accompanied by the likes of award winning Chef Ricardo Roque of Magna Golf Club and the historic wine producing house of Antinori in Tuscany. Indulge all your senses, this Saturday!