Pad Thai, your choice white or red.Ask The Wine Ladies March 2009

Dear Wine Ladies,

Next week I’ll be having the ladies over for an evening of wine, food and fun. I’ve decided to go with Pad Thai for something a little different. I have no idea which wine to pair with it. I normally drink red, but I know most of the girls will only drink white. Any suggestions?


Houston Texas

Dear Leesa,

That’s quite a coincidence as we ourselves just enjoyed some wonderful Pad Thai last weekend. Two of us ordered a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which went beautifully with the dish’s slight sweetness, and heavier style sauce. The wine in contrast was dry, aromatic and had a crisp acidity, which proved to be a perfect match. One of the other ladies opted for a Riesling Spatlese, which means late harvest in German. This off-dry wine too, paired very well, with the hint of sweetness off-setting the spiciness of the dish, while still offering good acidity and preparing the palate for another bite. Other suggestions, sparkling wines are great partners, try a Prosecco or a Cava, not expensive but good palate cleansers easily equipped to cut the richness of Thai food or look to roses or fruity reds with softer tannins such as a Beaujolais or a Pinot Noir. Enjoy!

The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne

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