The right glass makes bubbly last longer

Dear Wine Ladies,

A few weeks back in the Life Style section of the Globe, they were talking about budget sparkling wines for Valentines. In the photo I noticed they showed the wine being poured into one of those old coupe, dessert style glasses. I thought tall thin glasses were the best for bubbly? Are these others coming back into style?


Dear Heather,

As far as we know there’s no trend back to the coupe, at least not for sparkling wines. Indeed you thought right, the tall thin glasses, referred to as Champagne flutes, flute glasses or tulip shaped glasses showcase sparkling wines the best. The shape of the glass allows for the highest appreciation of the complex aromas that can be present, particularly in true Champagnes or sparkling wines made in the “Methode Tradionnelle” ( most expensive and meticulous way to produce sparkling wines employed in Champagne). A great part of the enjoyment of sparkling wine is of course the bubbles, the gentle mousse that dances on the palate. The right glass will concentrate the bubbles for longer and allow for a steady stream of elegant effervescence.

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