Who’s your daddy?

Dear Wine Ladies,

Just a quick question about my most favorite red wine grape, the ruling king of grapes, the almighty Cabernet Sauvignon! A friend of mine maintains that the Cab’s lineage is from the second rate Cabernet Franc, and another grape he was not aware of. Tell me this isn’t true…
Thanks Wine Ladies


Dear Geoff,

Sorry to disappoint, but indeed the parents of the almighty Cabernet Sauvignon include the Cabernet Franc as its Papa, and Sauvignon Blanc as the mother. In 1997 DNA profiling done at the University of California at Davis showed beyond reasonable doubt that the crossing of these two grapes did happen, possibly as early as the middle of the 18th century when vineyards were often planted with a mixture of different vines. Most likely a spontaneous courtship, this partnership has clearly withstood the test of time, resulting in producing many of the most coveted red wines of today.

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