The Wine Ladies, Canadian entrepreneurs featured in The Canadian Business Journal.

About a month ago, one of my best friends Linda (Susanne speaking here) was on a business trip headed to Vancouver. She had the good fortune of sitting beside the Editor In Chief of The Canadian Business Journal, the dynamic, charming and intelligent Sara Kopamees. With over 5 hours to kill, the conversation turned to who you know, what you do etc. And lo and behold my loyal friend Linda spilled the beans! Intrigued by our entrepreneurial story, Sara contacted us and invited us to be featured in the April 2009 edition of The Canadian Business Journal. We always wanted an opportunity to tell our entrepreneurial “The Wine Ladies “story and now you can read all about it here in a joint story written by Sara and George Media Associate Editor Jen Sorlie. How our adventure began, what Georgia likes, Susanne’s pet peeves, our philosophy on The Wine Ladies brand and our mega plans for the future! Please read here for all the details.

CBJ Onsite: We Salute da Vinci with The Wine Ladies

The Canadian Business Journal is essential reading for Canada’s top executives who want to stay informed of current industry topics and trends. It offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises.

The magazine also features articles and columns from Canadian writers focused on all aspects of the Canadian business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues. Through the CBJ, readers are able to access illuminating interviews with key public figures and regulatory bodies. The magazine also covers high-profile industry events and snapshots into business life in the special “CBJ Onsite” section.

Visit for the complete April edition including articles on;

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