A wine tasters guide;Swirl,Smell,Slurp & Swallow. Ask The Wine Ladies. May 2009

Dear Wine Ladies,

What is the proper way to taste wine? Is it really appropriate to slurp your wine as you might a hot soup? According to a “wine expert” friend of mine, she says it is and maintains that all the experts do it. What do you say?

Calgary, Alberta

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Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run

TWENTY VALLEY NIAGARA WINE COUNTRY RUN. Be a part of sports history!

Be sure to join us for an incredible weekend June 13th & 14th as Georgia retreads her running shoes and Susanne dusts hers off in time for the inaugural Twenty Valley Niagara Wine Country Run. Fashioned after the famous Medoc Marathon held every year in Bordeaux, you can be a part of wine and sports history!

First of its kind in Canada, this unique run winds through Twenty Valley wine country showcasing Ontario’s stunning vineyards and premier wineries. The run finishes in downtown Jordan where all runners and supporters are invited to celebrate at the Finish Area Street Party. Join 3,000 runners from all over Ontario at the Twenty Valley Niagara Wine Country Run June 13th & 14th 2009

Half Marathon * Team Relay * 10 K Run * 4K Stroll/ Walk

Run through Ontario’s stunning vineyards, over big green hills and take in the sun bright in the early summer sky.

Test your Legs-Treat your taste buds!

Situated in Niagara’s lush Greenbelt, just an hour’s drive from Toronto or Buffalo, Twenty Valley is home to many of Ontario’s and Canada’s premiere wineries and the perfect destination for this year’s leisure & casual run. All participating wineries crafting fine VQA wines will be offering personalized tours & tastings on Saturday June 13th at the wineries and at the runner’s expo.
See you there!

Above: AJ McLaughlin, Nicolette Novak, Marie Brennan and Elliot Kerr join us in-studio

To find out the scoop set that radio dial to CP24 Radio 1050 or listen online Saturday morning May 30th at 10a.m. to connect with The Wine Ladies radio show. “Test Your Legs and Treat Your Taste Buds” at the inaugural Twenty Valley Niagara Wine Country Run, sure to be an historical event, our topic for this Saturday’s show. Be sure to join us as we welcome our guests Elliot Kerr, President of Landmark Sport Group, AJ McLaughlin, proprietor of Angels Gate Winery and Nicolette Novak of the Good Earth Cooking School, passionate about this event. Whether you choose to race or stroll, the vineyards beckon as do the premium wines of Twenty Valley.

Visit the Wine Country Run website to register for the race:

See you there. Remember don’t whine about the run!.enjoy wine while you run!

Send back the bad wine

Dear Wine Ladies,

Last weekend at one of our favorite restaurants, we ordered a bottle of wine that we’re very familiar with. We felt a little awkward sending it back, but did it anyways. The server was fine with it but afterward we wondered what could have been the reason the wine tasted so badly. Does it have to do with the cork?


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Romantic Dinner for Two Restaurant: Capers Brasserie & Wine Bar, Belleville,Ontario.

Now you can enjoy a romantic evening for two, finely crafted for you in the grandeur of one of The Wine Ladies specially selected restaurants located in and around the GTA as well as in select cities across Ontario. Outstanding value for only $199, your romantic dinner features a unique range of fine dining menus which could include wine pairings, a delicious cocktail, your special table with a view, an amuse bouche created just for you, a scrumptious desert or maybe even a visit from the celebrity chef himself.

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The Wine Ladies catch up with chefs from Gold Medal Plates

Check out more Gold Medal Plates on The Wine Ladies radio show! Tune in to CP24 Radio 1050 on Saturdays at 10am and join the Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne, as we chat with food experts from Gold Medal Plates – a new series on Travel + Escape premiering Sunday May 9th,2009

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Wine rules for having a party

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re throwing a party over the holiday weekend to celebrate the move into our new home, which we have finally taken possession of. It’s been a long while since we’ve entertained and are unsure as to how much wine to buy. Is there some kind of formula to figure out how much we will need?


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What fair trade wine means to you

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’ve heard a lot of fan fare lately about Argentinean wines representing awesome value to the consumer, which is great, but I also heard that Argentina is involved in fair trade winemaking. Is this true and if so, what does that mean exactly? I’d love to know more. Am I right about the good value?


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Radio Show Update May 23rd, 2009

Find out what’s on The Wine Ladies’ Radio Show.

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Radio Show Update May 16th,2009

Find out what’s on The Wine Ladies’ Radio Show

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