Portuguese Superstar winemaker Joao Ramos

Superstar winemaker Joao Portugal Ramos from the region of Alentejo joined us for a brief interview on CP24 Radio 1050.

As we welcome Mr. Ramos to the show, his passion for the wines of Portugal immediately reverberates through the telephone lines across the Atlantic. No wonder he’s known as the Ambassador for Portuguese wines, and as we chat further it becomes clear why he is so globally respected as a winemaker as well.

Ramos began his career over twenty years ago, as a consulting winemaker and although he was garnering accolades for his work he soon decided it was time to break out on his own. In 1990 he began to acquire vineyards and in 1997 built his first winery on an old property. After extensive renovations, a lot of vineyard management, winemaking and multiple vintages, fast forward to today where he owns over 250 hectares and still manages an additional 200 under contract. A busy winemaker, practicing his passion to be sure! Ramos’ wines today enjoy tremendous success on the export market and it is his mission to enrich the wines of this region and make them better known worldwide. Here are a few examples of Ramos’ latest pride and joy bottlings from Alentejo; this sleeping great value wine region has been awoken; and is ready to take on the palates of the globe!

The following wines available at the LCBO.


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