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Dear Wine Ladies,

I’m in the market for a birthday gift for a “wine gadget geek” friend of mine. Have you ever heard of a soire? Apparently it’s some kind of special decanter that only partially decants. Would this make a good gift if it were to fit in my budget of around $25.00?


Dear Lizzie,

Absolutely, the soiree would make an awesome gift! Not only does it fit the bill as a wine gadget, but for the wine enthusiast it can also provide a little education and entertainment at the same time, all for just $25.00.

The soiree is actually a glass decanter that is placed directly into the wine bottle, as opposed to being a vessel or pitcher that the wine is poured into. Once you affix the soiree securely in the bottle, you can then pour the wine directly, aerating it as you pour. As to partial decanting, this is strictly about the volume of wine you choose to decant, not about the level or intensity of decanting a wine will undergo.

The advantage of the soiree is that it allows for only that portion of the bottle you wish to decant, to be decanted, whether it be just one glass or half the bottle. Where it could allow for some fun and discussion would be to observe any differences that may be apparent between the glasses of wine that are poured through the soiree and those that are not. One last point, the soiree comes with an extra gasket that will allow it to work with any screw cap bottle as well. Check the Wine Soiree website for availability.

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