My wine is cooked!

Dear Wine Ladies,

What does it mean when one says a wine tastes maderized?


Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Jake,

The term comes from the word Madeira, which is a fortified wine from the island of the same name belonging to Portugal. When white wines get too old, or have been exposed to too much air, they can take on a taste similar to that of Madeira, slightly oxidized and flat but without the pleasure of authentic Madeira, robust, full flavored and very long lasting. White wines that have been stored in excessive temperatures can also taste maderized, or “cooked” sort of speak. True Madeira, complex, lush and delightful, with a grand acidity, ranging from dry to sweet are becoming increasingly popular, proving to be suitable partners for a variety of dishes! the moral of the Q and A, maderized wines, not a good thing, Madeira on the other, a totally different story!

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