Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run

Burn off the wine calories! Join us for the Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run.

Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run

Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run

Dear Wine Ladies,

I have always been a great fan of Canadian wines and committed to burning off those Cabernet calories by taking in an extensive run a couple of times a week. Listening to your radio show last Saturday I was thrilled to learn about the Twenty Valley Niagara Country Run taking place in mid June. Is this run similar to the famous annual Medoc Marathon that takes place in Bordeaux? Could you please share a few of the details of the run with your readers? It truly sounds like an incredible weekend offering the perfect blend of great wine, food, and a little competition!


Ottawa, Ontario

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Dear Rob,

We too are thrilled about this inaugural run, which is indeed modeled after the Medoc Marathon as well as other runs in California and Australia. Approximately 2000 runners, from elite athletes to competitive runners to casual walkers will all have one thing in common, the opportunity to sample wonderful, premium wines from 13 wineries in the Twenty Valley region. The weekend promises to be a celebration of great food, great wines and entertainment for the whole family. Similar in spirit to the Medoc Marathon, runners are being encouraged to arrive in costume adding to the fun, face painting, music, an all day barbeque and wine tours will also be part of this celebration and healthy competition. The Twenty Valley Niagara Wine Country Run has something for everyone, whether you’re in tip-top shape and ready for the Half Marathon or just in the mood for an easy 4K stroll, through the vineyards.

Already, with still two weeks to go, (June 13th and 14th) the run is poised to be a huge success, an historical wine event for Canada with over 1,500 runners signed up from across the country and the United States. For more details or to register

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