Love, dating, sex and wine…..the ritual of it all! The Wine Ladies on Dear Valerie Rogers TV

We recently had the opportunity to visit with and guest appear LIVE on Valerie Gibson’s popular Rogers TV Ontario-wide show “Dear Valerie”.

We recently had the opportunity to visit with and guest appear LIVE on Valerie Gibson’s popular Rogers TV Ontario-wide show “Dear Valerie”. On Valerie’s show this relationship expert and veteran journalist takes your calls about life, love and the pursuit of self fulfillment. It’s a wonderful source for instant, honest and realistic advice on any aspect of life, love, sex, and marriage, dating and family relationships. (If you missed the show it will be repeated this Friday July 3rd at 1PM on ROGERS TV)

Like her fabulous red hair Valerie is the epitome of the confident woman, bold, a bit of a rebel and a pioneer. A lover of wine, Valerie asked us to come in and talk about how we thought wine plays into the art of dating, the proper etiquette and ritual of love. How could we resist? We had a wonderful time and had the opportunity to answer many questions about this topic so near and dear to our hearts.

How do I handle the wine list? Where do I start?

Who does the ordering? Do I order for my date? Is that presumptuous or gentleman like?

What can I do to impress my date?

Price point? What if my budget is restricted and a sommelier recommends a wine I can’t afford?

Which glass for which wine?
Larger bowl glasses for red, more tapered and smaller for white

What if I don’t like the wine, can I send it back?

What if the bottle is brought to us opened already!. Can I say something?

This red wine is TOO HOT!!! Is it bad manners to ask the waiter for an ice-bucket or to chill my red wine?

This is just a sampling of the questions that we answered on the show!!! Tune in this Friday July 3rd at 1 pm on ROGERS TV for a repeat of the show

We have also invited Valerie to be on our radio show Saturday July 11th, 2009 at 10:00am – 11:00am. The show will be LIVE so you may ask her any of your relationship questions. We’ll handle the wine and she’ll handle the love! So make sure to call in and speak with us and Valerie. Call in: 4160870-2486 0r 1-866-444-8326

To get your copy of Valerie’s’ book (Signed by Valerie with a personal message if requested):

Only $12.95 CDN includes shipping and handling)

It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s stimulating! It’s satisfying! It’s sexy!

Its older women dating younger men, a relationship pairing that’s an obvious and exciting alternative for single women of any age in today’s dating world.
Yet the relationship is still considered unconventional – even taboo – by society.
Want to know more about why younger men are so attractive to an older woman and why younger men can’t resist them? Then read Valerie Gibson’s pioneering and fun-filled book Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men.

Caption: The Wine Ladies appear on “Dear Valerie” TV with Valerie Gibson

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