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Dear Wine Ladies,

This is a question about wine and proper etiquette. I am currently dating a gentleman who continuously, while dining out, sends the wine he orders back, declaring the wine is faulty. This happens all the time and is very embarrassing! What is the proper protocol when it comes to this?


Philadelphia, PA

Dear Andrea,

As long as a wine is authentically flawed it is within the rights of the client to send the wine back. Generally speaking, approximately 6%-8% of wines with cork closures are flawed due to cork taint. If, on the other hand, the wine is simply not to the liking of the client, the restaurant is not responsible and the client is obliged to pay for the bottle. Perhaps you might suggest ordering a wine with a screw cap closure? No longer “taboo”, as many premium brands have transitioned to screw caps in an effort to reduce the costly incidence of cork taint, this may be the perfect solution.

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