The Wine Ladies guest star in new W Network TV show Playing House

We were invited to participate in brand new TV show on W Network, Playing House with host Karen Bertelsen.

We were invited to participate in brand new TV show on W Network, Playing House with host Karen Bertelsen. It’s a new irreverent lifestyle show filmed in a house located in High Park, Toronto, each episode features how-to segments covering a wide range of topics from health and wellness to beauty and style, and shopping and money to home and garden.

Our part was to help Karen plan the perfect party and match the wine with the food. We had so much fun and if we say so ourselves! it turned out fantastic. Now that was a party to remember! Lobster Bisque, Oysters on the half shell!. and pudding in a cup? Yup!

This 7-part series airs on Marathon Monday August 24th, 2009 starting at 8:30 am.

The Wine Ladies episode: Episode #003 Wine Not? Mon, Aug 24, 2009 – 9:30 AM E/P

Caption: The Wine Ladies on the set of W Network Playing House

Here is how we did it!

The Wine Ladies -Wine and Food Pairing- Three Simple Guidelines and One Steadfast rule

When it comes to wine and food pairing many of us get a little up tight about finding the perfect wine for the right dish! we feel the little sweat balls forming on our foreheads as we ponder, a Cabernet, a Merlot or perhaps a Shiraz! or would that be a syrah? Decisions, decisions.

No need to sweat the small stuff! the fact is there will always be any number of wines that will pair wonderfully with any dish, with the chances of a complete disaster being pretty slim. True, some wines do pair better with certain dishes than others, sometimes hitting culinary heights, sometimes missing the mark a little, but thankfully there are a few simple guidelines one can follow for a masterful match.

For starters, there’s really only one steadfast rule, only one that must be followed without exception, if not adhered to will certainly spell disaster! And that is drink only what you like, when you like! Trust your palate and know that there is no right or wrong. From here, experiment with the following and see what works for you, for your taste buds, as we are all individuals, and our palates are uniquely our own.

Like with Like

Choosing a wine that is similar in some way to the food, or complementary.
-As with weight and texture – a California Chardonnay with a rich creamy texture w pairs nicely with the richness and softness of lobster
-Tart wines with good acidity, a Sauvignon Blanc for example go well with the tartness of salads and vinaigrette. Acid with acid.
-Sweet with Sweet – Chocolate dessert with a Port

Caption: Lobster Bisque with a creamy buttery Chardonnay

Opposites Attract

Contrasting the wine and the food in some way, perhaps in texture or flavour

-Classic pairing of Chablis and oysters, the dry, crispness of the Chablis cuts through the fattiness of the oysters, sparkling wines work well too due to their ample acidity
-Pairing a simply prepared food, uncomplicated with a big, complex aged wine
-Sparkling wines and potato chips, or scrumptiously delightful fatty fried foods, are a heavenly match. The acidity cuts through the fat and cleanses the palate

What grows together goes together

Generally speaking, particularly in the old world wine producing regions, France, Italy, Spain etc! the regional foods pair well with the regional wines.

Hundreds of years of culinary and viticulture history have resulted in natural combinations.

Rose wines of Provence with bouillabaisse, an “Herbes de Provence” (blend of traditional thyme, fennel, rosemary, chervil, oregano to name a few) soaked grilled chicken served with a Tavel

Pasta dishes or pizza with Chianti, the acidity of the Chianti is a good match for the acidity of the tomatoes

It’s important to remember, that simply enjoying food and wine together is already a healthy and joyful lifestyle choice, add the ingredient of good friends and family, and Voila, now that’s the perfect blend!

Cheers everyone
Georgia and Susanne

Caption: Georgia’s finishing touches before going on set

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