Lyndsey Angus

Triple threat Lindsay Angus premieres documentary October 8th at Sistering Centre in Toronto

Triple threat Lindsay Angus, writer, director, producer and wine lover joined us on Talking Wine With The Stars to share news on her up and coming premiere and launch party of her documentary film. This 23 minute film “Survivor’s Guide to Freedom from Violence” is all about woman fleeing abuse and helping them navigate through the support services available here in Canada. The film is designed not to be overwhelming and to showcase the resources available to women from all walks of life, from rich to poor, black and white, young and old, etc. Premiere takes place in Toronto on October 8th at The Sistering Centre.

Each year, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) draws thousands of international filmmakers, stars and media to Toronto and for this years festival (Sept. 10-19), The Wine Ladies are entering the exciting world of web TV.

Georgia and Susanne (The Wine Ladies) set up their temporary TV studio at The Windsor Arms, 18 St. Thomas

Street in Yorkville – ground zero for the film festival – and have conducted brief interviews with the stars, filmmakers, writers, international VIPs and media representatives discussing favourite wines, what wines go with which movies at this years’ festival, favourite movies about wine (e.g.: Bottle Shock, Sideways, A Walk in the Clouds, Under the Tuscan Sun) – the ultimate in wine TV!

Celebrity guests are invited to enjoy a glass of wine with The Wine Ladies


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