Witches Blood perfect beverage for Halloween! Ask The Wine Ladies




Dear Wine Ladies,

We’ll be welcoming a gruesome crowd Saturday night for our first Halloween party at our new condo acquired just last month.


Paul, Detroit, Michigan


Dear Paul,

Congratulations on your new condo, what a fabulous way to beckon good spirits and good friends to your new abode!

Indeed, we do have a simply delicious and devilish cocktail to suggest, courtesy  of the BSO, Bartending School of Ontario “Witches Blood” is the name of the cocktail, incorporating a good dosage of Merlot, this cryptic cocktail delivers big on flavour, punch and esthetics.

1/2 glass merlot
top with gingerbeer
float blue curacao on top
pour over ice
red wine glass
build drink
garnish with lime

As for Halloween themed wines, a number of them exist such as “Vampire” and “Dracula” from California, “Poizin” a Zinfandel from Sonoma, Toad Hollow Eye of the Toad Pinot Noir. 


The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne

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