Beringer Vineyards Jerry Comfort says, hot days,cold nights and bad dirt makes Napa Valley wines

We caught up with Jerry Comfort, Senior Wine Educator of Beringer Vineyards  in Toronto recently at the Royal York Hotel as part of the Fairmont Presidents Club  Having interviewed Jerry on our radio show as well as experiencing the stunning, historical  Beringer Vineyards through his eyes when we were last in Napa Valley we knew he was the man to talk to about wine and food pairing. Jerry having been Beringer Vineyards executive chef for over 10 years we knew he would have an interesting opinion to share with us. There is so many schools of thought and confusion about this subject and Jerry would set the record right.
We were not disappointed! He opened things up in his usual fun and unassuming way. One of my goals in life is the KISS theory, he exclaimed. The KISS theory, we asked? Yes, keep it simple stupid, he exclaimed with a wink! So involved are people with the tradition and emotion of food and wine pairing, they make it more complicated than it needs to be. The fact is the simplicity, most food is wine friendly and its only in the extremes that there are rare exceptions, Jerry revealed. Believe it or not, Jerry even suggested that if you love a Beringer Chardonnay and you love roast prime rib, why not enjoy them together. Check out why Jerry says this is ok to do and much more
The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne. 
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