The Riviera Maya, breathtaking, historic, adventurous, and delicious!Paradise!

What a way to spend a birthday! A grand muchas gracias, to the stunning El Dorado Casitas Royale!

What a way to spend a birthday! A grand muchas gracias, to the stunning El Dorado Casitas Royale!

We are greeted at El Dorado Royale, (“One of the Top 100 Hotels in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler and the “Best Hotel in the World” by TUI
Travelers) with a glass of perfectly chilled sparkling wine, a chilled, plush face cloth, embroidered with our names and a introduction to Melody Chiron Project Manager. We become immediately immersed into the serenity and beauty this stunning property has to offer.

White sandy beachfront, lush gardens, 11 swimming pools, not counting the guests’ private ones, 10 restaurants, swim-up bars, amenities such as aromatherapy and pillow menus, floating rose petals in the baths of the casitas; ” Why , am I here with my sister I ask myself”? Seriously! Luxe but laid back, the perfect place to de-stress and de-compress. We are casually briefed on the resort, over another glass of bubbly of course and find ourselves, after a brisk golf cart ride enjoying a light, yet scrumptious lunch at one of the light menu eateries. Apres lunch, a couple of hours shop-talk and it’s off to the beach, donning our new custom fit Maui Jim sunglasses . awesome…colour never looked so good.

We relax, soak up the sun, have a mojito. We take to the sea, enjoy a little snorkeling and then retreat back to the beach, to a couple of the super sized raised canopied beds, where you can hear and feel the rhythm of the gentle waves.”This is paradise” we agree, for a person on a journey, for a couple on a honeymoon, or an anniversary.

The sun goes down, and it’s time to Par-ty! It’s my birthday! No-one else knows of course, or do they? We’re invited to dinner on the beach, tables dressed with white linen cloths, tea lights lift the darkness and sparkling wine is being served. A fabulous dinner ensues, grilled lobster, salmon, scampis, chicken and veggies. Lively conversation with new friends fill the night air, until words turn into song with “Happy Birthday” .”Oh, you really shouldn’t have, I joke” but I’m so glad you did. A beautiful decadent and fluffy chocolate cake arrives saluting my birth date ( which will remain a secret)which we all indulge in wholeheartedly!

And the night continues, on to meet the sommelier “Alex” a Canadian, from Quebec, at the D’Italia Restaurant who we discover is so so passionate about wine, about Mexico and Mexican wine! We sample a Syrah, Sirocco, full bodied, spicy with complexity and oh so much flavour. It’s a winner! We learn that the wines of Mexico,” are not inexpensive due to the high taxes”, Alex explains. This particular Syrah would be fairly pricy Alex admits, the prices of Mexican wines do present challenges to the industry. The sun, the heat and the good life are culminating in a challenge for us now, “it’s time” we say “to hit our casita” as we have to rise early in the morn… 6:00a.m. to catch our flight. We bid good night, and stroll to our casita, to find fresh fruit, rose petals and another birthday best wishes. This is the way of the El Dorado Casitas Royale.

As we reluctantly leave this paradise we are greeted by one of the “Smurfs”, all in blue, that have taken care of us since our arrival here in Mexico. The SMURFS are part of the destination management company IVI headed by Founder and President Jose Manuel Garcia, who makes the traveler’s every wish, his mission to fulfill “as long as it’s legal and it doesn’t hurt anyone” Jose Manuel tells us. And with the dedicated and friendly staff, like none other we’ve seen, “the Smurfs” make sure it happens throughout our visit. A huge thank you to all, you’ve been wonderful! Here we depart. Adios Mexico, hola Toronto! No snow! Yeah!

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