The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT – Christine Cushing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tune in every Wednesday “LIVE” at 2:30pm – 3:30pm to The Wine Ladies TV on as we host guests from the world of wine, food and the fabulous lifestyle it entails. To listen or subscribe to the podcasts The show is a perfect spot to share with our viewers, listeners and readers our latest discovery deserving of a special mention, an innovative wine accessory, a delectable wine we just tasted , a new spirit, cocktail or beer and much more. Introducing The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT! Every week we will pick something special and share it with you! Check out the for a complete podcast from Feb 17th ,2010 It’s All Greek To Me! The Wine Ladies TV! This week’s SPOTLIGHT….. Christine Cushing Extra Virgin Olive Oil Homer the legendary Greek epic poet called olive oil liquid gold. The Greeks consume almost 25 L of olive oil per capita annually and 22.9 L of wine as a comparison which is more than twice that of any other Mediterranean country. Olive oil is said to add longevity to one’s life, so combined with the Greek’s consumption of red wine, we know the Greeks are onto something here! For this week’s spotlight we wanted to keep with the Greek theme. We know that Christine Cushing, award winning celebrity chef who happens to also be Greek has a line of wonderful food products available for sale including her Christine Cushing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Her olive oil comes from the island of Crete where olives have been grown commercially as far back as 3000 BC. The olive oils of Crete are considered the finest and are sought after by celebrities from all over the world. Christine Cushing Extra Virgin Olive Oil is distinctly fruity, slightly grassy with a gentle peppery finish. Simple delicious on its own, drizzled on fresh vegetables or use in your favourite recipes. Order your Christine Cushing Extra Virgin Olive Oil on line here now. Caption: Watch Christine on Fearless In The Kitchen on VIVA TV The Wine Ladies TV Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm (live on Sisters, business partners, national newspaper columnists, TV personalities and radio hosts, these ladies share their passion for wine, food and living to the fullest and without hesitation. Their motto, “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine,” keeps audiences entertained and informed. Join the ladies every Sunday morning at 8:30am on The Jewel Network ( Jewel 88.5 FM in Toronto, Jewel 98.5 FM in Ottawa, Jewel 107.7 FM in Hawkesbury) as they host special guests from all walks of life on their weekly wine and lifestyle radio show. Watch The Wine Ladies on their web TV episodes “ One Sip At A Time” as they conduct two-on-one interviews featuring leading chefs, winemakers, business entrepreneurs, financial gurus, sports stars and innovators in the entertainment, literary and fine arts communities. Georgia and Susanne have a talent for discussion that’s always fun and enthusiastic . The Wine Ladies philosophy is that “Wine is part of living well, with joy, with good friends and good food, from a simple table wine to a Grand Cru”. To watch and subscribe to the podcasts

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