Beautiful British Columbia and it’s wines! The Wine Ladies Radio/TV! Feb 2010

Watch The Wine Ladies TV “live” on Wednesday at 2:30pm. Join us as the award winning wines of British Columbia’s two distinct wine producing regions of Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley(Mission Hill Family Estate ) take centre stage this week. Wine and cheese… the perfect pairing and marriage! In studio, hailing originally from out west, Mark Moffatt, sommelier, wine writer and owner of Dine N’ Vines will lead us through a tasting of the wines from the Olympic province as well a Gurth Pretty, professional chef, cheese connoisseur and author will give all of the cheesy facts. Click here to watch Caption : Mark Moffatt of Dine N’ Vines Caption: Canada’s Food and Beverage Ambassador Gurth Pretty. Caption: Mission Hill Estate Winery If you missed last week’s show not a problem. With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in full swing we thought that it would be a perfect time to celebrate the birth of the Olympics, the origin and the history of the games, the culture, the cuisine and the wines of the Olympics’ birth country… Greece. Joining us in studio today Wednesday Feb 17th LIVE, first of all, to explore the origin and the history of the games, to bring the beautiful country of Greece alive for us we are honoured to welcome the Consul General of Greece, Dimitrius Azemopoulos We’ll also discover and sample some traditional Greek recipes here today, one of our absolute favorite types of cuisine, Tony Pethakas, owner of Mezes Restaurant is here with us. And finally, to enhance the conversation and the wonderful food, from the Kolonaki Group, purveyors of fine wines and spirits from Greece, Giovanni Priorello, joins us too. For a complete podcast of this show and all episodes of The Wine Ladies TV check out

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