The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT Wine Sceptre

This week’s SPOTLIGHT….. Wine Sceptre

Wine Sceptre

Wine Sceptre

Ok, did we ever find something fabulous for this week’s The Wine Ladies Spotlight. Its sleek, its sexy, it makes a stunning addition to your table.It works like a charm and it will allow you to serve your wines at the perfect temperature.

The Wine Sceptre is the newest innovation in wine chilling technology.

Invented by a European Chef and recommended by top French Sommeliers.The Winesceptre is designed to keep pre-chilled wines at the perfect serving temperature, while the wine is still in the bottle – even aerating the wine as it pours from the drip-less spout! Crafted from the highest grade of stainless steel, it is guaranteed to maintain serving temperature over long periods of time.

Worldwide Sommeliers take great pride in the treatment of wines. The different wines are kept in special wine refrigerators for their ideal serving temperature.
So far this effort became useless, as the pre-chilled wines were put in ice buckets where the temperature dropped drastically to 37.

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