Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day! The Wine Ladies TV! Tune in 2:30pm Wed March 10th on Thatchanne

Watch The Wine Ladies TV “live” on www.thatchannel.com Wednesday at 2:30pm. For a complete podcast of this show and all episodes of The Wine Ladies TV check out

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The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT – Victoria’s Gin

Tune in every Wednesday “LIVE” at 2:30pm – 3:30pm to The Wine Ladies TV on http://www.thatchannel.com as we host guests from the world of wine, food and the fabulous lifestyle it entails. To listen or subscribe to the podcasts http://www.thatchannel.com/thewineladies. The show is a perfect spot to share with our viewers, listeners and readers our latest discovery deserving of a special mention, an innovative wine accessory, a delectable wine we just tasted , a new spirit, cocktail or beer and much more. Introducing The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT! Every week we will pick something special and share it with you! Check out the http://www.thatchannel.com/thewineladies for a complete podcast from Feb 24th, 2010 Beautiful British Columbia and It’s Wines! The Wine Ladies TV! This week’s SPOTLIGHT….. Victoria’s Gin After appearing on stage at the National Home Show last weekend with the legendary super model Cheryl Tiegs we decided to take a walk through the show ending up in the wine garden, of course. Always on the search for new things, much to our delight we found the perfect The Wine Ladies Spotlight product for our Beautiful British Columbia and It’s Wines! TV show. We had the pleasure to meet Edward, a fine young man who was there showcasing Victoria’s Gin http://www.victoriaspirits.com/our-gin/ , the 1st gin to be made on Vancouver Island by Ken Winchester, winemaker at Winchester Cellars http://www.britishcolumbia.com/attractions/?id=145 . Caption: Peter Hunt Gin was invented around 1650 in the Netherlands by a professor of medicine as a cure for kidney and stomach ailments. In the 1700s, particularly in England where British soldiers in the Far East were given the spirit along with tonic for the medicinal powers of quinine, a key ingredient in tonic water, to ward off malaria. The rest, including its use in martinis and Singapore slings, is the stuff of legend. Victoria’s Gin is basically an infused neutral vodka to which about 9 ingredients( Junniper Berries, Coriander, Angelica, Orris Root, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Star Anise, Cinnamon Bark, Rose Petals), are added including an 10th secret ingredient. Complex and flavourful that you could drink on its own much the same way you’d enjoy a single-malt scotch. Simply delicious. Georgia liked her plain while Susanne enjoyed it with bitters. Either way delicious. Victoria’s Gin is already available in British Columbia already launched in May 2009 and will be available in Ontario at most LCBO stores April 2010. Price: $49.95 for Beautiful British Columbia and It’s Wines! The Wine Ladies TV Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm (live on ThatChannel.com): Sisters, business partners, national newspaper columnists, TV personalities and radio hosts, these ladies share their passion for wine, food and living to the fullest and without hesitation. Their motto, “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine,” keeps audiences entertained and informed. Join the ladies every Sunday morning at 8:30am on The Jewel Network ( Jewel 88.5 FM in Toronto, Jewel 98.5 FM in Ottawa, Jewel 107.7 FM in Hawkesbury) as they host special guests from all walks of life on their weekly wine and lifestyle radio show. Watch The Wine Ladies on their web TV episodes “ One Sip At A Time” as they conduct two-on-one interviews featuring leading chefs, winemakers, business entrepreneurs, financial gurus, sports stars and innovators in the entertainment, literary and fine arts communities. Georgia and Susanne have a talent for discussion that’s always fun and enthusiastic . The Wine Ladies philosophy is that “Wine is part of living well, with joy, with good friends and good food, from a simple table wine to a Grand Cru”. To watch and subscribe to the podcasts http://www.thatchannel.com/thewineladies

Astrid Young with The Wine Ladies, That Channel TV

Bring On The Sunshine with California Wines! The Wine Ladies TV! Our guest Astrid Young.

SIDEWAYS... The Movie.

Hi movie buffs and wine lovers!

“What was the name of the movie that won an Oscar for “Best Adapted Screenplay” in 2004 that saw the sales of Pinot Noir soar and those of Merlot nose-dive? Know the answer? If you do you could win an autographed book “ Being Young” by Astrid Young www.astridyoung.net , author, singer, songwriter, sommelier and baby sister of Neil Young. Enter today. We’ll announce the winner live on the air TODAY!

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Episode: Bring On The Sunshine with California Wines!

Astrid Young joins us in studio today to tell us all about what’s it like “being young”. We will discuss her musical career and will lead us through a tasting of one of California’s best products. It’s wines, including the wines of Napa Valley and Beringer Vineyards.

Beringer Vineyard’s Rhine House

Beringer Vineyard’s Rhine House

Also joining us in studio chef Kevin McKenna of Globe Bistro will give us the details on “skinny” food, just in time for the Academy Awards, dahling!

Bring On The Sunshine with California Wines! Tune in 8:30am Sunday March 21st on The Jewel Radio Network.

If you missed last week’s show not a problem.

Join us as the award winning wines of British Columbia’s two distinct wine producing regions of Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley (Mission Hill Family Estate www.MisssionHillwinery.com ) take centre stage this week.

Wine and cheese… the perfect pairing and marriage! In studio, hailing originally from out west, Mark Moffatt, sommelier, wine writer and owner of Dine N’ Vines www.dinenvines.com. He will lead us through a tasting of the wines from the Olympic province. Also in studio Gurth Pretty, professional chef, cheese connoisseur and author will give all of the cheesy facts. www.cheeseofcanada.ca.

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Episode:Beautiful British Columbia and It’s Wines! 

Espagne here we come!

We invite you to join us in Spain June 2010 for our wine, culinary and cultural tour to the leading wine growing region of Rioja, stunning Barcelona, the cosmopolitan city of Madrid and more. Discover tapas, tempranillo, flamenco and more. A trip to Spain means to live an experience that you will never forget. Come discover it with us. For more details https://www.thewineladies.com/one_sip_at_a_time/join_the_wine_ladies_in_spain_june_2010_http_wwwthewineladiescom

The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT “Victoria’s Gin”

Tune in every Wednesday “LIVE” at 2:30pm – 3:30pm to The Wine Ladies TV on http://www.thatchannel.com as we host guests from the world of wine, food and the fabulous lifestyle it entails.

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Going Green for St. Patricks Day! The Wine Ladies TV!Quinn's Steakhouse & Bar

Going Green for St. Patricks Day! The Wine Ladies TV!Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar

Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day with Irish whiskey, Irish coffee and pub fare.

The place to be on St. Patrick’s Day and for that matter every other day too is Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar.

Joining us in studio Chef Paul Pisa from Quinn’s who will prepare everything you’ll need for a delicious St. Patrick’s Day including an Irish cheese board, cabbage, smoked beef soup, Guinness and beef stew and more.

Chef Paul Pisa, Quinns Steakhouse

Chef Paul Pisa, Quinns Steakhouse & Bar

Kelly McAlonen Bar Manager Quinn's Steakhouse & Bar

Kelly McAlonen Bar Manager Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar

Also on tap to explore a taste of the Irish, Guinness beer, Bushmills Irish whiskey and more with Kelly McAlonen Bar Manager Quinn’s Steakhouse & Bar.

Liam Mcglashon

Liam Mcglashon

Special guest the Fiddle Kid, just 11 years old, fiddler virtuoso, Liam Mcglashon, will join us in studio and will have our toes tapping.

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Watch the show here now.

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Episode: Going Green On St. Patrick’s Day TV

The Wine Ladies Video Podcast “One Sip at a Time”

“One Sip at a Time” follows the adventures of The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne; sisters, entrepreneurs, wine lovers and food aficionados who embrace their travels with a sense of adventure and discovery. Bringing the audience the latest and the coolest in everything wine,culinary and lifestyle related.
Georgia and Susanne have a knack for discovering wine, spirits and culinary treasures in the most unlikely places. Whether stomping grapes in Italy, driving a mechanical harvester, horseback riding among the vineyards along the foothills of the Andes, or sabering champagne at a red carpet event,The Wine Ladies always take life one sip at time.
Each episode focuses on an adventure and special guest appearance by a winemaker, master chef, restaurateur, or celebrity from many walks of life whether in sports, music, entertainment or leading business entrepreneur. It’s all intertwined with the love of the grapevine!

How to keep an opened bottle of wine fresh? Ask The Wine Ladies March 2010

Dear Wine Ladies,

I noticed your column in 24 a month or two ago and look forward to reading it now every Friday. I’d like to ask, once a bottle of wine is opened, and only half emptied, how long would it keep if re-corked, or had the air pumped out and capped? Is the best place in the fridge, or store at room temperature?

Jim Richmond B.C.

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Crumbly Cork

Crumbly cork! No problem! AskThe Wine Ladies March 2010

Dear Wine Ladies,


This may sound like a silly question but I’m truly at odds on the best way to deal with a crumbly cork! Last night, once again, while trying to open a bottle of wine the cork was dry and crumbly. The harder I tried, and the further I drove the cork screw, the more the cork crumbled and then finally ended up in fragments in the bottle. Is there a way to properly extract a crumbly cork?

Chris Houston, Texas


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