Cooking with wine adds gastronomic dimension to food

Dear Wine Ladies, I am a culinary student, am starting to enjoy a glass of wine accompanying my meals and am starting a project on cooking with alcohol. Why should wine be used in cooking and what does it add to a recipe? Bret Toronto, Ontario Dear Bret, Enjoying food and wine in a pairing or utilizing it in a recipe can definitely add another dimension to the gastronomic experience. Cooking with wine adds extra flavour; it acts like a turbo booster, just as garlic, salt, pepper and even lemon does. It can also add extra body, complexity and texture. Wines with high acidity can serve to tenderize and impart flavour as well. When using wine in your recipes, be mindful of the amount of wine you use, too little can be inconsequential while too much can be overpowering. PS. Check out Liaison College with over 10 locations to learn all the tricks to the trade.

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