How to manoeuvre the War and Peace wine list. Ask The Wine Ladies July 2010

Dear Wine Ladies,

War and Peace wine lists make me nervous. I don’t know where to start and feel totally intimidated. I end up glossing over the pages taking way too much time trying to find something familiar and appropriate. Recently back on the dating scene, any advice on how to navigate such a wine list and order a suitable wine would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin, Chicago

Dear Kevin,

Indeed, that epic wine lists can instil sweaty palms and shake one’s confidence. Why not take advantage of the services of the sommelier? Offer him/her as much information as you can, such as the style of wines you typically enjoy, perhaps you are in the mood for experimenting with something a little of the beaten track, indicate the price point you are comfortable with and what menu items you are considering ordering. The mandate of the sommelier is to make the wine selection one of ease, of interest, make it a pleasurable experience, finding something that is both to your liking and within your budget.


The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne

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