Tango to the tantalizing beat of Argentine wines

Dear Wine Ladies, A white wine from Argentina made by the company Torrontes was a real hit at a barbeque I attended last weekend. Unfortunately I missed out as it was consumed all too quickly. Always open to something new, I’d like to know a little about this wine, it’s availability and price point thinking it might be a good choice for Canada Day celebrations. Susan San Diageo, California Dear Susan, Indeed it would be. Torrontés is actually the name of several white grape varieties mainly grown in Argentina, with one in particular the Torrontes Riojano being the most planted white wine grape in the country (according to our latest figures). The last several years we have seen these wines grow in popularity, due in part to producers paying closer attention in the vineyard and at the winery bringing fresh, well made, well priced and delicious wines to the market. The beauty of the wines this grape produces is in the fragrant and elegant aroma; enticing and inviting with floral notes, light peach and fresh apricot often with a touch of lemon. This coupled with good acidity and crispness on the palate allows the wines to pair well with a variety of summer fare. A wonderful sunny wine, both a palate and a pocketbook pleaser usually selling for approximately $12-$16.00.

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