Meanwhile in Muskoka…The Wine Ladies meet the Queen Bee and Poppa Jim!

Suiting up at an apiary with Poppa Jim, see how the Queen Bee, her worker bees and the drone… he’s the male come together for delectable natural honey. What an experience, exhilarating and fascinating. We were lucky, no bee sting for us, but our cameraman not so much, he’s a trooper and A-ok.

The Delta Grandview Resort  has its own on-site apiary, taps its own maple syrup too. Fresh from farm to table, going local in Muskoka, love it!  Poppa Jim Smith and his honey bees.

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Muskoka apiary

Next we were off to an apiary (also known as a bee yard) a place where beehives of honey bees are kept. We met Poppa Jim Smith a local bee keeper who actually makes the honey for the Delta Grandview Resort right on their site. 

We summoned up our courage and decided to get close up and personal with the bees. Here we are suited up and protected. By the time this was happening our camera man Peter had already been stung in the face!

Poppa Jim Smith offers a jar of his honey. Our reward for our bravery!

Poppa Jim, Muskoka Bees
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