Our 1st stop at Muskoka Lakes Winery located in Bala, the Cranberry Capital of Ontario.

Chatting with winemaker Matt French, Muskoka Lakes Winery, set against the bucolic setting of the cranberry marsh, with earliest plantings dating back to the 1950’s, Matt’s passion for fruit wines, particularly Cranberry wine is contagious. We learn how it often is enjoyed as a transition wine, from cocktails or coolers to cranberry or fruit wines and then on to wines made from grapes, and vitis vinifera ones such as Cabernet Sauvignon Matt gave The Wine Ladies each a bottle of his Cranberry Blueberry 2008 to take home. Make sure to visit for details on this year’s Cranberry Festival

Visit Muskoka Lakes Winery

Muskoka Lakes Winery, winemaker Matt French

Watch The Wine Ladies TV Episodes Here, Muskoka

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