The Wine Ladies visit Muskoka. Once discovered never forgotten!

Located just 2 hours north of Toronto the Muskoka region  is a spectacular one with 1600 shimmering lakes, thundering waterfalls, sheer granite cliffs, aromatic pine forests and dense maple forests that turn crimson and gold in the Autumn. Flanked on the north by the untouched wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park and west by rugged Georgian Bay, Muskoka is a playground of tremendous physical beauty, tranquility, artistic pleasures and culinary delights. It was not so long ago that “eating out” in Muskoka meant a wiener roast following a placid canoe trip , or grilling up the fish you caught earlier in the day. No more, Muskoka is now home to superlative chefs capable of crafting the most delicious and intricate entrees. These culinary stars and their establishments have taken the natural bounty of the land and created a culinary destination that is world class. We invite you to Savour Muskoka.

The Wine Ladies TV spent a spectacular day capturing a glimpse of what this incredible destination has to offer. From farm to table, a local cottage brewery, a local winery and much more.

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Muskoka Lakes Winery

Our 1st stop at Muskoka Lakes Winery located in Bala, the Cranberry Capital of Ontario.

Chatting with winemaker Matt French, set against the bucolic setting of the cranberry marsh, with earliest plantings dating back to the 1950’s, Matt’s passion for fruit wines, particularly Cranberry wine is contagious. We learn how it often is enjoyed as a transition wine, from cocktails or coolers to cranberry or fruit wines and then on to wines made from grapes, and vitis vinifera ones such as Cabernet Sauvignon Matt gave The Wine Ladies each a bottle of his Cranberry Blueberry 2008 to take home. Make sure to visit for details on this year’s Cranberry Festival

Up next, Grenville Farms, a local farm producing food since the early 1980’s.

Dianne Kretschmar’s, Grenville Farms is a perfect example of the symbioses between market gardening and livestock production. Local restaurants and food purveyors in Muskoka enjoy fresh farm to table fare. Diane showed us her lettuce field that boasts more than 60 varieties of lettuce. Who ever knew? Muskoka region is perfect for growing lettuce, hot days and dewy nights. We picked one for Executive Chef Ken Schulz for our dinner scheduled at the Delta Grandview Resort.

In this segment Georgia chases down a chicken for our dinner to be prepared at the stunning Delta Grandview Resort later on that evening by Executive Chef Ken Schultz. Watch The Wine Ladies TV show to discover if she was successful!

Poppa Jim, Muskoka Bees

The Wine Ladies meet the Queen Bee and Poppa Jim!

Suiting up at an apiary with Poppa Jim, see how the Queen Bee, her worker bees and the drone… he’s the male come together for delectable natural honey. What an experience, exhilarating and fascinating. We were lucky, no bee sting for us, but our cameraman not so much, he’s a trooper and A-ok.

The Delta Grandview Resort  has its own on-site apiary, taps its own maple syrup too. Fresh from farm to table, going local in Muskoka, love it!  Poppa Jim Smith and his honey bees.

Muskoka Brewery…. The theme of our journey, local, pure, natural and delicious is exemplified when we savour the Cream Ale…

our intro to the award winning hand crafted premium beers of the Muskoka Brewery.

The Hefe-Weissbier came next, and we’re thinking hmm hmm good, fruity, with a touch of spice, a fine departure from the grape for something a little different. Gary McMullen, Founder and Brewmaster tells us, the water used in the process actually comes from Lake Muskoka, and all ingredients are included on the label, which is voluntary, as well as a BEST BEFORE date very seldom seen.

Muskoka Brewery

Here we are at the Delta Grandview Resort in Huntsville, Muskoka, 2 hours north of Toronto, situated on the shores of beautiful Fairy Lake, surrounded by the rugged Canadian Shield and rich forests.

Our host for the day the General Manager James Murphy of Savour Muskoka who escorted us throughout the TV shoot. We could not have done it without him! Thanks James! James Murphy.

GM Savour Muskoka Executive Chef Ken Schultz and his culinary team of the Delta Grandview Resort.

We spent the previous evening in a luxury guest suite with a fully equipped kitchen, crackling wood fireplace, cozy beds with plump pillows and more. Complete with Muskoka style chairs on our private balcony with a wonderful view of the on site golf course. Our dinner at The Rosewood Inn was wonderful so we are looking forward to today’s spectacular dinner on the lawn and shore of Fairy Lake.

We savoured the fruits of labour of Executive Chef Ken Schulz, set against the beauty and serenity of Fairy Lake, where Governor General Michaelle Jean enjoyed the same for the G20. All local fare, from the signature smoke trout salad, with homegrown lettuce, sprouts and cherry tomatoes, to tenderly grilled breast of chicken gingerly dressed with a fabulous cranberry sauce. Piece de resistance, the crème brulee, rich and creamy on the inside, with the upper crust, torched to perfection. Our premium chocolate coated teaspoons lift a fresh cranberry and then break the crisp seal to the dessert lovers heaven!

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