Cuvee Award of Excellence for Viticulture goes to Kevin Donohue, Colio Estate Wines

Cuvee Award of Excellence for Viticulture goes to Kevin Donohue, Colio Estate Wines.

Kevin Donohue

Kevin Donohue

Congrats to Kevin Donohue of Colio Estate Wines for his Cuvee Award of Excellence for Viticulture. The Cuvee Awards are the industry’s Oscars. It was deserved recognition for a lifetime of study and passion in a discipline that is away from the limelight, but centre stage in terms of its critical importance to the wine industry.

Among Kevin’s many roles, he tends the 200 acres of planted vineyards in the company’s vineyards in Colchester. The parcel of 20 acres they own on the Parkway in Niagara-on-the-Lake. One might think that his job gets easier in the off-season when vineyard activity has slowed to a crawl. But, if this winter is any indication, chances are on any given intensely cold night, Kevin will be up all night studying satellite images for temperature and humidity issues to determine whether the vineyard’s eight wind machines will need to be started up.

Cheers to Kevin of Colio Estates!

Kevin Donohue, Colio Estate Wines

Watch what Kevin has to say here around 3 minutes into this video.

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