Throwing a party? How much wine do I need?Ask The Wine Ladies March 2011

Dear Wine Ladies,

We’re throwing a party over the holiday weekend to celebrate the move into our new home, which we have finally taken possession of. It’s been a long while since we’ve entertained and are unsure as to how much wine to buy. Is there some kind of formula to figure out how much we will need?

Mary, Chicago,Illinois

Dear Mary,

Congratulations on your new home, that’s awesome! Yes, when it comes to purchasing the wine and/or other alcoholic beverages for any event or party there is a rule of thumb. Basically, you should count on one drink per person per hour.

Usually, at the beginning of the party guests will tend to drink a little faster and as time goes by the consumption will slow down. In the case of wine, a five-ounce pour is considered one drink. For beer, it’s a 12 ounces glass and approximately a 1.5 ounce shot for spirits. Be sure to always have plenty of water available, as well as a small selection of non-alcoholic options.

The Wine Ladies, Georgia and Susanne



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