Thumbs UP for Miele Dishwasher and Riedel Stemware. Just in time for the busy holidays!

Having just enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we are quite sure if you are a wine lover as we are, you are all too familiar with this dreaded scene… after a fabulous holiday dinner party a kitchen filled with loads of dirty dishes and an assortment of your beautiful crystal stemware that all needs to be carefully washed by hand, polished and gently put away. Hours and hours of clean-up work.  Well no more, just in time for the busy holiday season, Miele and Riedel announced last week a joint partnership whereby Miele’s history of design innovation and manufacturing technologies perfectly complements the luxurious and revolutionary wine glass design of Riedel Crystal. Riedel glasses have an estimated lifespan of 1,500 washing cycles or on average, the number of washes during a 20 year timeframe when washed properly in a Miele dishwasher. “Riedel’s luxury glassware requires regular, safe and effective cleaning to ensure maximized long-term quality and appearance,” said Maximilian J. Riedel, and “Miele’s expert dishwashers offer superior results and have been proven to exceed standards required when caring for fine Riedel crystal.”  ’s an environmentally friendly solution too as one dishwasher load consumes much less water than hand washing dishes. Awesome! For a complete guide to Riedel glassware care, giving detailed explanations on loading Riedel glasses properly, selecting the best wash cycle, and choosing cleaning accessories visit both and Thumbs Up by The Wine Ladies! 


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