Johnny 'V'

Johnny V, our “Go to Kitchen guy” of Kitchen Designers Plus. Sprucing things up for the holidays.

With the holidays around the corner, if you’re expecting  family and friends to soon be on your door step, you  may be thinking, as we are “I wish I hadn’t postponed my much needed kitchen reno, everything looks “so tired”. Here’s a tip we got from our “go to kitchen guy”  Johnny V of KDP, that we’re going to take advantage of for sure.

If a  huge chunk of  your entertaining takes place in the kitchen, sprucing up the major surfaces is going to make all the difference! Starting with the floors, an expansive marble floor, once pristine and gorgeous maybe now suffering from a little grimy grout!  We can vouch for that!

The dog, food and wine stains and simply grime due to high traffic has taken the luster out of  the flooring. The answer, rinse the floor, priming it, then get a stiff brush to loosen stubborn stains and the dirt, a little elbow grease works wonders! Hit the cabinetry next, tighten any hinges and wipe down the cabinets thoroughly, finally give the back splash and counter tops a little loving care and presto, a little reno magic! Cheers everyone, Johnny ‘V’

Be sure to follow The Wine Ladies TV with regular tips from Johnny ‘V’ on the do’s and dont’s, and how to make your kitchen reno your dream come true. For highlights of latest episode click here.

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