Back from Las Vegas, to the cold of our winter,

Body English at Hard Rock Hotel was the place to be on New Year’s Eve, for the “Ultimate Party with a Purpose”. The only event of its’ kind, where one could, and nearly 500 did, kick off 2012 with a fabulous party, complete with incredible performances by dance teams, world renowned DJ’s, live body painted models, and Billboard Award Winning Artist Robin S, “Dance Diva”, all the while raising funds for local foster children via Child Focus, Inc for Camp To Belong NV. Hosted by Club Curry   and envisioned by Mark Curry, local philanthropist and entrepreneur the 2 day weekend event launched the campaign to raise $100K for the children. Donations are still being accepted  to


Mark Curry

Lady painted in blue.

Champagne for everyone!

Georgia, JD and Susanne on the red carpet

P.K. Holmes

Camp To Belong NV for the foster children

New Year’s Eve “eve” we were honoured to emcee the “Among Stars” Founder’s Celebration Donor Dinner, at the posh Vintner Grill Strip. A beautiful fundraising event featuring special guest performances and musicians, inspirational speakers, and a silent auction with works on the table by Davood Roostaei, artist to Michael Jackson as well as art pieces by Charles White the 3rd, well known for his work for The Rolling Stones, Playboy, Harley Davidson, Star Wars just to name a few.

Among Stars Founder’s Celbration Donor Dinner Dec 30th, 2011

The menu, created by critically acclaimed Executive Chef Matthew Silverman tantalized our palates, with one of our favorites being the Dungeness crab ravioli with fresh English peas, crimini mushrooms, baby tomatoes and pecorino. Simply divine.

Among Stars stunning decor added sparkle to the night.

The wines, for the white, Drylands Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, Drylands is renowned for Sauvignon Blanc, lively, crisp, hints of tropical fruit, stone fruits with a mineral note, simply delish!

And for the red from our buddy the “Father of Zin” founder and winemaker Joel Peterson of Ravenswood, in Sonoma, the Zinfandel pleased all palates, with big character, flavour and finish, as Joel likes to say “No wimpy wines”!

Check our interview with the Godfather of Zin himself Joel Peterson.

Clearly “Among Stars” this evening, in the audience Fauna Hodel, a remarkable woman, with an incredible story of her own, Author, Producer, Coach, philanthropist, Society & Account Executive “CELEBRITY SOCIETY MAGAZINE,  a specialty magazine that represents…style and class…. AND HONORS PEOPLE WHO DO GOOD DEEDS. We had the opportunity to interview Fauna, and sit with her during the dinner, her passion to make this world a better place became very clear, very quickly, and is truly contagious.

Fauna Hodel of Celebrity Soceity Magazine

Dawn Garcia, CEO, Editor of “a taste of dawn” was there too supporting this important event, with all her energy and goodness, packed into a small frame, but with enough heart and zest for life, to fill the whole room! “

Dawn Garcia of Taste of Dawn

Latoya Holman,  mesmerizing, belted out a number that rocked the room, incredible power in the voice and beautiful persona, while Corinne Olsen and Rick Brandt, well known as the “hot strings” in the Avery Watts  live performances kept us entertained throughout the evening. And there was more…a spellbinding performance and presence by singer-songwriter Cymande Jackson,!/TheMainEventLV  coming from the depths of his soul, as his story too is one of pain, recovery and strength. What a line-up!

Latoya Holman

Corine Olsen and Rick Brandt

Cymande Jackson and Tee Babie

Kudos to Lisa Meller of Papillon Entertainment.

Lisa Meller and Mark Curry

With the theme being “Future Forward” inviting guests to dare to dream to make the future a better place, there was no shortage of powerful, inspirational speakers to encourage us to do just that. Brian Hutchison, after suffering a life threatening injury, lost the will to live and regained it through strength and mental fortitude, addressed the crowd and spoke of the Hutch Foundation,  founded to help victims of traumatic brain injury.

The final speaker prompted us to poll the audience on our “newly conceived” wine, The Wine Ladies Lunar Chardonnay or Planet Pinot Nouveau. John S. Spencer, futurist, space architect, Founder and President of the Space Tourism Society, former consultant to NASA, eloquently conveyed his message and his mission to focus inspiring innovation, new ideas and new experiences for the benefit of mankind. It was exciting, exhilarating and inspiring. We commented on the recent discovery of the two planets discovered last month with the potential for life due to the existence of water…. Perhaps grapes could be grown in space too? The audience applauded our leap to Lunar wines, with laughter and enthusiasm.

John Spencer and lis lovey wife Pam

Inspirational Photos From John S Spencer

John S Spencer agrees The Wine Ladies winery on the moon a great idea!

We would be remiss to not take a moment to say a few words about Mary Curry, the man, the visionary behind Club Curry. When Mark introduced a “family” of children, placed individually in foster care, who were fortunate enough to attend Camp to Belong, and be together, to come up, say “hello”, and share their fondest memory, his face beamed with joy, he leapt, actually leapt with glee as the kids, some shyly announced that one of their fondest memories was coming together, as siblings to Camp to Belong for a full 6 days.


If you would like to contribute to Camp to Belong, donations are still accepted at



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