Sparkling Icewine

Sparkling Icewine…the perfect wine for any occasion.Ask The Wine Ladies January 2012

Dear Wine Ladies,

I was thinking of bringing a Vidal icewine to mark the occasion of a friend’s first movie role but then learned there are also sparkling icewines. What are they like and would this be an appropriate wine to bring? Are they served chilled like a regular white wine?


Whitby, Ontario

Dear Beth,

A sparkling icewine would be perfect for the occasion. The fanfare surrounding their opening, with the celebratory note of the bubbles, not to mention the delectable flavour, will surely be a hit, as we hope your friends first film will be! Sparkling Vidal icewine offer up rich aromas that typically include a delightful blend of nectarines and apricots, occasionally tropical fruit and even toasted almonds, the nose will often express honey and spice, there will be a richness perfectly balanced with the natural acidity.  Sparkling icewines do make a superb dessert wine, with the effervescence of the lively bubbles, but are also fabulous as an aperitif along with a cheese course or an assortment of appetizers. Though Sparkling Icewine is just as sweet as the regular, the bubbles cut the sweetness signalling the palate that it’s drier than it truly is making it an excellent starter wine.

Both Inniskillin and Pillitteri Estates Winery produce wonderful sparkling Icewines that range in price from $60.00-$70.00 for a 375 ml bottle.Serve well chilled as you would a sparkling wine or a  Champagne.

The Wine Ladies

Georgia and Susanne

Pilletteri 2004 Vidal Sparkling Icewine



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