Pleasing your Valentine as easy as 1-2-3!

The perfect way to a woman’s heart with 3 things she loves….chocolate, shoes and wine.

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The perfect Valentine’s date….A sultry, seductive wine and chocolate evening presented in a beautiful,sexy stiletto shoe!


Brix – the first chocolate specifically blended to compliment wine. At their root is single origin Ghanaian chocolate, known for its red fruit tones, mixed with the highest quality confectionary chocolate. The result is a blend so pure in flavor that it actually enhances those nuances found in great wines, without confusing the palate.

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BRIX Chocolate Ciollection Gift Set

What is it about chocolate that incites such pleasure? Is it truly an aphrodisiac? Yes, in fact several components in chocolate have been linked to mood and potential “aphrodisiac” effects releases the same chemical in the brain that is produced when you fall in love.

Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe in the most famous dress ever by William Travilla and Ferragamo stilettos appeared in the Seven Year Itch in 1955.

Wine and shoes, a girl can never have enough…..bringing two of our favourites together. This is truly the perfect gift. The Shoe LaLa collection of decorative and functional stiletto and inspired giftware bottle holders and stoppers. Different, sexy, shows a little fun and imagination, dresses up a table, functional for the girl who has everything. Made of ceramic.You can’t go wrong with this one!

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Available in 4 styles

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Avaialable in 6 styles


Women take their time. They want to smell the bouquet of a good wine, twirl it around the glass in anticipation, and slowly sip it during a good conversation or dinner.

Drink to me only with thine eyes


Get the best selections of wine from our on line wine store here. For all of the Ontario residents, enter PROMO code “thewineladies” and you will get FREE delivery anywhere in the province. Check out our wines here.

Nothing says romance but Italian….here are a couple of our favourites!

Morellino di Scansano DOCG, Erik Banti 2010 – $19.95 per bottle. Order here.

This wine exhibits some bright black cherry fruit on the nose, presented in a vivacious, open, but certainly attractive style. There is a touch of Sangiovese barnyard and some black licorice. On the palate there is a wealth of fruit, herby and unpretentious, joyous in character. There are good, firm tannins balanced by bright cherry acidity. Nice appeal here, this is another steal from Erik Bant

Carato IGT Toscana, Erik Banti 2009 – $14.95 per bottle. Order here.


This silky smooth blend of Tuscan goodness is mostly Sangiovese with some Merlot and a touch of Syrah to round things out. It has a bright red fruit flavors, light tannins and a smooth finish that makes this wine incredibly drinkable. While delicious on its own, like most Italian reds this wine really comes to life with food. We suggest trying it with pasta, lamb or young cheese.


Basic principles of pairing wine and chocolate.

1. Sweetness. Make sure that the sweetness of the chocolate matches the sweetness of the wine. Wines with some sweetness like a Shiraz from Australia or a Malbec from Argentina have “fruit sweetness” in them and are a good choice.

2. Tannins. Make sure that the wine are low in tannins ( bitterness of the wines). If there is too much tannins in the wine it will accentuate the bitterness in the chocolate. So a good rule of thumb is to select wines from the new world as opposed to European wines which generally have more tannins and will react against the chocolate.

3. Acidity .Make sure that the wine has some nice acidity or back bone to them. Chocolate has fat in it so wines with acidity will be a good choice as it will cleanse the palate

So in conclusion wines with some sweetness, that are low in tannins and have good acidity.

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